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It’s Our 1st #Wedding #Anniversary! And a big thanks to @StephenKing

Hi everyone.  Just a quick post today … I wanted to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary with you all. Here are some of my favourite pictures of the day >>>                     

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#BookReview: On the Edge of a Raindrop by Sarah Brentyn @SarahBrentyn

Hi everyone. I hope this finds you all well. Today, I have a book review for you. This is the second book by this author that I’ve read, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both. >>> About the Book: When You’re on

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#Kindle Countdown #Sale starts today!

  Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and having a great weekend. Last week I ran a poll on twitter to see which of my books folks wanted to see discounted.      At 46.7%, FALLOUT was the clear

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http://mybook.to/FALLOUT is awarded an @IndieBrag Medallion! #Post-Apocalyptic

        Hi everyone, the other day I received an email that lifted my spirits. For those who may not know, I’ve been suffering with an exacerbation of my asthma lately and am now on my second treatment

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#BookReview: The Hallows by Victor Methos @VictorMethos

Hi everyone. Today, I have another book review for you … and–delightfully–it’s another high star rating 🙂 I’ve been blessed with the last lot of books I’ve read.  As the start of my review says, I saw this on a

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#BookReview: Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine @rachelcaine

Hi everyone, today I have a review for you for a book I came across in August last year on Joan Hall’s website, which I got around to reading, finally! >>> About the Book: Gina Royal is the definition of

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Update to #coronavirus struggles and #Amazon’s rationale for banning ads for my book FALLOUT

Hi everyone. I had a nice long weekend to celebrate hubby’s birthday. Sadly, I’m now struggling with an asthma episode, so if I’m not online as much this week, that’s why. I’ve doubled-up my meds and have a phone call

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#BookReview: The Book of Koli by M R Carey @michaelcarey191

Hi everyone, I have another book review for you today. This one was an ARC from NetGalley, and I loved it … About the Book:   ‘A captivating start to what promises to be an epic post-apocalyptic fable’ Kirkus EVERYTHING THAT

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#NewBook: Comes This Time to Float by Stephen Geez @StephenGeez

Hi everyone, today it gives me great pleasure to showcase author and friend Stephen Geez with his latest book … the first in a long while, and I look forward to taking a peek. I’ll let Stephen take it from

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My Struggles with #Coronavirus2019 …

Hi everyone, today’s post is a bit of a heavy one. First up, I’m not sick with the dreaded Covid19, but for certain, the panic and oversensitivity is having a HUGE affect on my life. Hubby and I cannot get

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#BookReview: Can You See Me? by Lee Lynne @LynneBarrettLee

Hi everyone, as well as a special announcement (see my reblog today for Story Empire), I have a great book review for you today. This one I picked up after a recommendation on someon’es blog late last year, but I

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#BookReview: Knife Edge by Simon Mayo

Hi everyone, Today I have a book review for you. This was an ARC read from NetGalley and publishes on the 11th of June. About the Book: You never know where danger may come from… 6.45am. A sweltering London rush

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#BookReview: Serang by Craig Boyack @virgilante

Hi everyone. Today, it gives me great pleasure to share my review for fellow author and friend, Craig Boyack, and his latest book, Serang. I have to say, I adore the cover for this one. About the Book: Monastic life

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#CoverReveal: Grinders by C S Boyack @virgilante

Hi everyone. Today, I have great pleasure in hosting fellow author and friend while he tours the blogosphere revealing the cover for his latest book, Grinders. Having read and enjoyed Craig’s other books, I’m so looking forward to this next

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#BookReview: Order No.227. From Stalin With Love by Marina Osipova @marosikok

Hi everyone. Today I share with you my second review of the week. This one is by an author I came across via Sally Cronin’s Cafe and Bookstore. I’ve haven’t read anything from this writer before, and being a fan

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The Light by @MarciaMeara

Hi everyone. Today, I am delighted to host fellow author and friend Marcia Meara, who is showcasing her latest book, The Light. I’ll let her tell you all about it >>> Thanks so much for having me here today, Harmony!

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#BookReview: The Bright Side of Darkness by J E Pinto

Hello everyone. Today I have another book review for you. This one is a book I’ve come across on a couple of blogs just lately. As the review says, it put me in mind of S E Hinton’s The Outsiders

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#NewBook: Inferno

Hi everyone. Today, it gives me great pleasure to host All Authors Publishing with the launch of their latest anthology, Inferno, which I am proud to be a part of >>> Greetings, one and all!   Today is the launch

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#BookReview: Strangers by C L Taylor

Hi everyone, today I have another book review for you. This was another quick and fun read >>> About the Book: The Sunday Times bestseller and Richard & Judy Book Club author of Sleep returns with her most gripping book yet. Ursula, Gareth and

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#BookReview: Deadly Waters by Dot Hutchison

Hi everyone, it gives me great pleasure to share my latest book review with you all. This read is another NetGalley ARC … darn you, Mae Clair, for getting me onto NetGalley! I have enough to read without adding more,

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#NewBook: Eventide by Mae Clair

Hi everyone. Today, it gives me great pleasure to host fellow author and friend Mae Clair, who is showcasing her latest book, Eventide. Take it away, Mae >>> Hi, Harmony! Many thanks for welcoming me today to your blog. It’s

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#BookReview: The Mercies by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Hi everone, Today, I share my first review for 202o! This was a free ARC book via NetGalley, and I loved it. I’ll let the book description and the review say the rest >>> About the Book: ‘A gripping novel .

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#BookReview: Born in a Treacherous Time by Jacqui Murray

Hi everyone. Today, I have a review for you from fellow author, Jacqui Murray. I came across book one in The Crossroads Trilogy after seeing a book-launch post on Mae Clair’s blog. The introduction to that book recommended that I

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My First #BookReview for Oh Baubles!

Hi everyone. I hadnt planned on posting today, but I just saw this awesome-sauce review of Oh Baubles from D L (Denise) Finn and had to share! I’m doing my happy dance right now 🙂 Denise’s Wonderful Review:    

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Friday Fun

Hi everyone. TGI it’s Friday!!! I don’t know about you, but I’m well ready for the weekend. Yesterday, I had a lengthy hospital appointment to chat with my orthopaedic consultant. The upshot of the epic clinic time is that I

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Amazon Paperback now ships in Canada

Hi everyone. I got an email from Amazon to advise that they now ship from within Canada. Here is a copy of the email:     This is great news all around. I have gone onto my dashboard and set

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#CoverReveal: Inferno: Concordant Vibrancy 4

Hi everyone. Harmony here. Today, it gives me great pleasure to showcase the book cover for the latest anthology from All Authors, which I’m involved in >>> Today the members of the All Authors Family are celebrating the cover reveal

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#NewBook Release: Royal Command Family Saga

Hello everyone. Today, it gives me great pleasure to welcome fellow author, Sarah Stuart, who is showcasing her latest book release. Her post says it all, so I’ll let her take it from here >>>   Hi, Sarah here, everybody.

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#BookReview: I Remember Judy by Verwayne Greenhoe #audiobook

Hi everyone. Harmony here with another book review for you. This one is a little bit different in that it’s an audiobook. Fellow author and friend, Verwayne Greenhoe, offered me a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for my

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#BookReview: My Main Haiku by Bette Stevens and Little Bandaged Days by Kira Wilder

Hello everyone. Today, I have two book reviews for you. The first is a review for fellow author and friend Bette A Stevens with her book of Haiku. The second is a review read I had from NetGalley about a

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