Update from Harmony and another fantastic #bookreview for The Room at the End

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all doing well. Apologies for my long absence.

After travelling in between Christmas and New Year it all took it out of me, and it seems I still have lasting effects from the darn Covid I caught back in October.

About ten days ago, I discovered I have a cataract which covers most of the lens in my right eye … which explains why I’m almost blind in they eye and any close work, including reading and writing, had been more taxing than usual.

So, all in all, I’m taking a total break from everything. For how long, I’m not sure.

The Room at the End by Harmony Kent book coverI’ve popped my head above ground today to yell from the rooftops about a fantastic book review from the lovely Noelle Granger for my novella The Room at the End. You can find her fantastic post HERE.

I cannot thank her enough!

Also, I’m so grateful to all of you who have contacted me and all my dear blogging friends who continue to support me in my loooong absence. I miss you all dearly. I promise to pop up now and again to let you know I’m still around.

Love and hugs 🤗 💕🙂

19 Comments on “Update from Harmony and another fantastic #bookreview for The Room at the End

  1. That was such a great review, Harmony. Your hard work in bringing the series to a close was clear. Enjoy the glow! And best of luck with the surgery. I’m hopeful that it will make a huge difference in your vision. Hugs.

  2. Stunning colors Terri. I especially loved that red and pink canyon! And thanks for sharing what you learned with WP geek. I didn’t expect you’d hear much new, considering, if they knew how to fix the problem it would have already been done, lol. <3

  3. Harmony, you’ve been through the wringer and I hope you can rest up and heal. Covid is tough to deal with ( I also had it this fall). The cataract is much easier to fix. I had a juvenile one in one eye and then one in the other. Both lens replacements are working fine! Do not despair! Hugs!

    • Your words help so much. The one bodily thing I have an aversion to is eyes, lols 😉Thanks, Noelle. Hugs to you too 🤗💕🙂

    • Hugs and love received with gratitude and offered also! Thanks so much, David 💕🙂🤗

    • Thanks so much, Darlene, and I promise to keep in touch with you all. Your love and hugs are deeply appreciated! Same your way too 🤗💕🙂