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My Week in Review and Writing Links

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! Tonight we have relatives from Australia staying with us ready for beginning their travels home on Saturday. Then on Saturday, we have the six-month interview at our wedding venue … I can’t believe where the last

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This Crazy English Language

Hello everyone! Today, over on Story Empire, Joan Hall has an hilarious post on the English language … well worth checking out! 🙂 Hi SE Readers. Thought we would have a little fun today. I’ve often heard English is the

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Write What You Want

Over on Story Empire today, Joan Hall has a great post for us on writing what we want to write … Hi, SE Readers. In the course of your writing journey, many of you have probably had someone say to

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When You Hit a Brick Wall

What do you do when you hit a brick wall? Check out what author Joan Hall has to say over on Story Empire today! 🙂 Hi SE Readers! Joan here today to talk about the dreaded “writer’s block.” Okay, some

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Summer and Writing

Author Joan Hall has a nice post on summer and writing over on Story Empire today … ooh, now that cocktail looks rather inviting! … Hello, SE Readers! Hope all is well in your world this Monday. My post today

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Friday Book Cover ~ Old and New

Joan Hall gives us an interesting comparison between three book covers today over on Story Empire … Old versus Modern …   Hello SE Readers! As a reader, a good cover is often the first thing that draws me to

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What Hinders Your Creativity?

A great post from author Joan Hall over on Story Empire today … Hello SE Readers! Or should I say hello creatives? That’s right; whether you’re an artist, a musician, or a writer, you are creative. You create pictures, music,

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Let’s Talk Goodreads

Check out Joan Hall’s article on Goodreads and Amazon over on Story Empire … Hello, SE readers. I would venture there isn’t an author who at one time or another, hasn’t been upset with Amazon and its review policies. It

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An Oscar Winning Performance

Great post on story ideas and our obligation to make our books the best they can be … from Joan Hall over on Story Empire … Hollywood hosted its 90th Academy Awards event last week – a night for the

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Friday Book Share ~ When Night Comes

It’s time for the Friday Book share over on Story Empire today. Check out Joan Hall’s choice … Hello, SE Readers. Can you believe we’re already in March? And since it’s the second Frida of the month, it’s book share

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