#NewBook: Harmony is on tour with Joan Hall @JoanHallWrites for the release of #Life&Soul

Hi everyone! Today, I’m thrilled to be visiting fellow author, blogger, Story Empire member, and friend, Joan Hall.

Joan has kindly invited me over to help me promote the release of my second book of poetry: Life & Soul, Book 2 in the Soul Poetry Series.

3 copies of Life & Soul on picnic table in forest

As many of you know, due to health issues, I’m not able to manage a big launch tour this time, but I had three blog visits last week, and three this week. I’m so grateful to all of you who offered your time and blog space for me. You’ll find me at Joan’s place HERE. We’d love to see you and say Hi! 💕🙂

As well as being an avid delver into the mysterious and a fan of moons, Joan is the author of many books of fiction, short stories, and series. Joan is excellent at bringing chills to her readers. You will find her works on her Amazon Page, and they’re well worth a look! Thanks for stopping by, everyone!