The Secret is Out! #NewBook #NewSeries #HarborPointe 8 books from 8 @StoryEmpire authors!

The Harbor Pointe Inn has loomed on California’s cliffs for generations of Hawthornes. For some, it’s been a blessing. For others, a curse. Travel through two centuries of stories to discover the old inn’s secrets.

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to announce the ‘secret project’ I and 7 of my fellow Story Empire authors have been working on … a new Novella series! 🥳🥳🥳

As well as flowing with the series, each novella can also be read as a stand alone story. The genres vary–mystery, suspense, ghost fiction, time travel, family and relationships, historical fiction, and futuristic. There’s a little something for every reader.

Here’s an extract and book description for my novella, The Room at the End, which releases on January 9th, 2o24 … scary how soon that will be upon us!

 Book Description:

When guilt-ridden Mia checks in to a suicide hotel, but can’t go through with the final act, vengeful ghosts gather to torment her.

Set in the near future, the post-war world is in turmoil.

Mia Hawthorne suffers an emotional breakdown, following the death of her wife, and loses everything to a corrupt government.

In an ironic twist of fate, the government suicide department, The Last Sanctuary, allocates a desperate and destitute Mia to the very hotel and family heirloom which she has so recently lost.

On her first day at the Lighthouse Inn, beset with painful memories, doubts, and questions, Mia finds herself coming face to face with angry ghosts, who gather to goad and torment her.

Lost and alone, can Mia find enough strength and purpose to avoid her final, frightful fate?


Extract from Chapter One:

November, 2070, Harbor Pointe Inn

Much like her life, the hotel failed to meet expectations. Even if the thieving government hadn’t given the old place a complete refurbishment and removed all traces of its previous owners, it wouldn’t have felt the same. Wouldn’t have been hers. Mia shrugged the weight from her tense shoulders and showed a straight spine to the manager. With a forced air of calm nonchalance, she strode to within a pace of the reception counter. ‘Mia Hawthorne.’

The manager’s eyebrows lifted. Short, straight black hair in a severe cut framed her thin face and sucked any joy from her pale grey eyes. ‘Ah, yes. The Last Sanctuary allocated you to us.’

Mia’s smile felt more grimace than mirth. ‘Ironic, considering.’

‘Quite.’ The stern-looking woman peered over her glasses and studied the new arrival. After a couple of seconds, she leant over the counter and offered her hand, which Mia shook. ‘Hilary Cameron. Let me show you to your accommodations.’

Hilary collected a couple of key cards from a drawer and walked around to Mia’s side of the desk. ‘Given the … er … nature of your stay with us, I felt it best to house you in the old keeper’s cottage.’

Surprised, Mia stooped, picked up her two bags, and fell into step with Hilary. ‘Right. Thank you.’ 

The pair walked in a silence which fell somewhere between stiffly-companionable and uncomfortable. What did the government employed manager think of the Harbor Pointe Inn’s old owner coming here to end her life? For that matter, what did Mia herself think? At the thought, her abdominal muscles flinched and tightened. I’ll find out soon, I suppose. With a soft sigh, she kept pace with Hilary as they crossed the courtyard—nestled between the horseshoe-embrace of the hotel’s U-structure—and left the property via a back gate, which led to the rough track up to the keeper’s cottage and, further on toward the bluffs, the lighthouse. 

The chill wind carried malevolent memories on its deceptively soft breeze and froze the marrow in Mia’s bones.


Universal Pre Order Links for the Series:

  1. Mae Clair–The Price of Atonement
  2. Gwen Plano–The Gift B0CD15LV2Z
  3. D L Finn–The Destination
  4. D Wallace Peach–The Seas of Time
  5. Jan Sikes– The Edge of Too Late
  6. Staci Troilo–A Fathomless Affair
  7. Joan Hall–A Death at the Inn
  8. Harmony Kent–The Room at the End

It’s been a huge pleasure and honour to work with these seven talented authors on this fun project! And also a huge learning curve on co-ordinating us all 😉

Thank you all for your support and for stopping by today to cheer us on! 🥳🥳🥳

Hugs, Harmony 🤗💖🤗

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  1. Congrats Harmony. I’ve seen some of the other posts for this series of books. Great idea to collaborate with different stories. <3 xx

    • Thanks, Debby. This is my first ever collaboration like this! Lots of learning curves and very enjoyable 💕😊

  2. So exciting! You all did an amazing job. Following one family over centuries (in the same town), the gorgeous covers, the stunning trailer… All brilliant. And, of course, writing these. 😉 I saw somewhere you formatted these, so I applaud that behind-the-scenes work, too–that’s quite a job. Intriguing excerpt here, too, Harmony. Congratulations to all of the authors! I will be reading and enjoying these! Cheers! 🥂📚🎉

    • That’s so wonderful of you to say, Sarah! Thank you so much. We’re all so happy and excited! Hugs and cheers 🥂! 🤗💕🙂

  3. I love that you included an excerpt from your story, Harmony! I’m thrilled that we can now talk about our secret project and start to share all over social media!! A wonderful post!

  4. Wonderful post, Harmony. I’m super excited to read each of the stories. ❤️

  5. Great post, Harmony 🙂 I’m thrilled to finally to sharing this! Xo