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Problems naming things

Hello everyone! Today, over on Story Empire, Craig Boyack has an interesting and fun post on naming things …   Hi Gang, Craig here today with a little confession to make. I hate naming things. This can be almost any

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The plate of peas part of writing

Over on Story Empire today, author Craig Boyack gives us some ‘food for thought’ on writing stories … Hi, Gang! Craig with you again, with another way to think about story. I used to talk about this with my children

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Whatchagot Stew

Check out this great post from Craig Boyack over on Story Empire from yesterday (I’m late posting!) … clever stuff …   Happy Memorial Day all the SEers in the USA, and welcome to everyone else out there too. Many

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Plants and Payoffs

A great post on writing plants and payoffs by Craig Boyack over on Story Empire today … Craig with you today. My topic is going to be those plants and payoffs we use when writing our stories. This is one

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Friday Writing Question, tools

An interesting writing question from Craig Boyack over on Story Empire today … Hi gang, Craig here again. We take turns on Fridays, and the assignments are rotating. This time my task is to pose a writing question. Seems simple

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