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Hi everyone! Today, it gives me great pleasure to have Craig over for coffee and biscuits. And if the party goes on late enough … maybe something a little stronger. Anyway, with Craig being Craig, you’re sure to find this post entertaining even without a tipple. Craig and I are co-authors of the Story Empire blog (along with six other talented authors). I’ve always loved his wonderful imagination and the ability to tell a good tale. 

Take it away, Craig …

Harmony, it’s a pleasure to be back here today. Thanks for the invitation, and you should know that my door is always open when you need the same.

{Thank you! I always love visiting your place 🙂 }


I have a new book out called HMS Lanternfish. This is the middle book of a classic trilogy, so when I drop the links, I’ll include one for Voyage of the Lanternfish as well.


My topic today is character evolution.

This one came to me because Harmony is one of my partners over at Story Empire, and this post is kind of like something we might share over there.

I try to show the ebbs and flows of life for my characters. This is tough, because you still have a plot to move forward. Authors have to take care when writing the ebbs that it doesn’t take up too much bandwidth. I still think they’re important.

There are several such moments in the series, but none demonstrate it better than Serang. I don’t even know what you call a character who isn’t the lead, but is so much more than a supporting character. She started off life as an orphan who was raised in a temple where they taught her martial arts along with many other things. She even earned her own book, and I’ll drop that link along with the others.

She evolves from a child with thoughts of vengeance, to independent woman, to someone who can lend her skills to something more important. She goes from outsider to insider.

I like to do costume upgrades when my characters level up, so I’m going to include a couple of posters. These involve Lisa Burton, the robot girl. Lisa is my personal assistant and spokesmodel, so she is posing in these images.


This demonstrates Serang as an independent woman, but one who serves as part of the ship’s crew. From the small images you get an idea of other parts of her life, including her struggles with alcohol. Serang has a few melancholy moments in the series, but that’s reflective of real life. Even heroes second guess themselves.


Serang is very in-tune with the spiritual world. Most of this is from her temple upbringing, but also her wanderings with a mentor before she became a pirate. She’s so dialed in, that sometime creatures from the spirit world help her in battle.



In HMS Lanternfish, Serang becomes a leader. She is fiercely loyal to the captain, but volunteers for a dangerous mission, promoting herself to lead an expedition to sort out one of the biggest looming problems. This was deserving of a wardrobe upgrade in the form of new leather armor that would still allow her freedom of movement.





Serang is going to play an important role as the trilogy concludes some time next year. Her character will go through ups and downs as the story unfolds. Even heroes don’t win every battle, but I have faith in Serang and the followers she gained in HMS Lanternfish.


This post has gone on long enough. If you’d like to follow Serang’s journey, I’ll drop all the links after the cover and blurb.






About the Book:

The Lanternfish crew completed their original mission, but got exposed to a more global problem. An entire continent is at war, headed up by a head-strong young king with dreams of power, and pushed from behind by a mysterious religious order known as the Fulminites.

Rather than let their country fall under the iron boot of conquest, James and his crew set sail once more to see what kind of muscle Lanternfish can lend to the war effort. Acting precariously under an unofficial charter as a privateer, even his allies aren’t always his friends.

HMS Lanternfish explores new worlds on its way to war, and drifts considerably off course. It features an international crew of characters, and for fans of the first book, the root monsters are back, too. Tall ships, a few con games, martial arts, and everything you loved about the original book is all returning.

Hoist the colors and wheel out the guns. Lanternfish is taking to the high seas once more.


HMS Lanternfish: 99¢ for a limited time.


Voyage of the Lanternfish: Book one of the trilogy.


Serang: A supporting story about one of the more intriguing characters.




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  1. I like characters with a strong arc. Great points about the ebb and flow of a character’s life, Craig, and a caution not to spend too much time in the “ebb.” Wonderful guest post. Thanks for hosting, Harmony.

  2. Serang is definitely a favorite character. I love the way she evolved into such a strong leader in HMS Lanternfish. Her loyalty to James is unwavering and she would die for him. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and hope everyone who hasn’t bought it yet, will pick up a copy. I definitely recommend reading “The Lanternfish” first as so much of the world is set up in that book. Great post, Craig. Thank you for hosting, Harmony!

    • I’m thrilled you’re enjoying Craig’s characters and the series so much, Jan. Thanks so much for all your support 🙂

  3. Serang is probably my favorite character in both books. And I loved the book devoted just to her. But in the second book, I got to know a lot of the characters better and grew fond of all of them. They all stepped up in HMS Lanternfish. And Mule and the princess were a welcome addition. I hope every single one of them survive in the third book.

    • Are you worried? It’s a war zone in Prelonia. Hope the crew is careful. Thanks for your kind words about Serang in all of her appearances. She’s giving Lisa Burton a run for her money in appearances.

  4. I loved Serang in the first book, but still want to learn more about her in her own book, which is still waiting for me. Another great post, Craig!

  5. I so enjoyed this wonderful look at Serang and hearing about the new book. Many thanks to you, Harmony, and congrats to Craig. I am a big fan of Lisa the Robot Girl and these new posters really rock.

    • Woo Hoo! Some love for Serang and Lisa both today. Keep that California underbrush trimmed back now. I worry about you guys.

  6. I’m looking forward to Serang as much as, if not even more so, than the Lanternfish books. (All three are already on my Kindle, just waiting for me to sit down and start reading!) Great posters today, Craig, and congratulations on the new release.

    Loved the whole post! Thanks for having Craig visit with you today, Harmony, and I hope HMS Lanternfish will sail away with LOTS and LOTS of downloads! 🙂

  7. Thanks for having me over today. Hope your fans enjoy learning a bit about Serang and the Lanternfish series.

  8. I love everything about Serang. Root monsters aside, she’s my favorite character. And her arc is so compelling.

    Best wishes, Craig. Thanks for hosting, Harmony.

      • I’m reading HMS right now and almost to Serang:) I’m enjoying this as much as the first book.

        • That’s great, Denise. Just found you in spam! Sorry I didn’t see that earlier 😊

  9. Craig’s posts are always interesting, Harmony. Thanks for hosting him today.

    • It’s fun to host Craig. As you say, his posts are always good. Thanks, Robbie 🙂

  10. Serang is one of my favorite characters. She’s brave and resourceful. Nice to see her step up as a leader.

    Best of luck on the new book, Craig. And Harmony, I love your introduction.

    • I was in a playful mood, lols! And I love having folks over to visit. Thanks, Joan 🙂

    • So glad you enjoy Serang. She kind of stuck with me, too. That’s why she gets the page time.

  11. Serang is such an awesome character. I’ve enjoyed seeing her growth through her own tie-in book, and the series, Great post today!
    Congrats to Craig, and thanks for hosting Harmony!

    • I so enjoyed Serang. Craig brings us so many fun characters. Thanks, Mae 🙂

    • Hoping to bring her story home in a satisfying way in the final volume. Glad you’re enjoying her.

  12. Congratulations, Craig! My Kindle is demanding my attention, especially since both books now reside there. I’m hoping to turn Lanternfish’s pages within the week. 🙂