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Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Some great writing links over on Staci Troilo’s blog today … The importance of family, a Memorial Day wish, and links to great posts for authors. Source: Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Book Cover Friday: Music of The Deep

Over on Story Empire today, it’s Book Cover Friday. Which is your favourite version? … Hi, SE Readers. Joan here today for this month’s Book Cover Friday. This time I The Music of the Deep by Elizabeth Hall (no relation).

Our 5* Review for A Thousand Yesteryears by Mae Clair #ParanormalSuspense @MaeClair1

Check out this awesome book review for Mae Claire …   “Masterful, bone-chilling fiction…one intense thriller. A Thousand Yesteryears will keep you guessing, gasping and turning the pages for more.” —New York Times bestselling author Kevin O’Bri… Source: Our 5* Review

Setting Descriptions

Check out this helpful fourth post in the Creating a Story Bible series by Staci Troilo over on Story Empire … Ciao, amici. Today’s post is a continuation of the Story Bible series. So far, we’ve had an overview and

How To Help Stop Somebody Stealing Your Blog Posts

Anyone who blogs or publishes online needs to read this … Are you doing enough to help stop somebody stealing your blog posts? Source: How To Help Stop Somebody Stealing Your Blog Posts

The Gate: An Invasion Universe Novel (Astral Conspiracy Book 1) by @StaciTroilo writing as D.L. Cross #SciFi #BookReview

Check out Jacquie Biggar’s great review of this awesome-looking book by Staci Troilo … He lost his job. He lost his girl. Now it’s all he can do not to lose his life. Source: The Gate: An Invasion Universe Novel

Soldiering On | Writers In The Storm

Check out this great post by Fae Rowen over on Writers in the Storm … Rae Rowen discusses how perseverance can help a writer through those times of doubt. Source: Soldiering On | Writers In The Storm

An Example for Building Your Story Bible

Check out Mae Claire’s useful post demonstrating using a story bible, over on Story Empire today … Hi, SE friends! Mae here with you today. Thanks for joining me as I piggyback on the posts Staci Troilo has been sharing

How To Decorate Wedding Crutches

Hello everyone. Today is my wedding day! And to tide you over in my absence while I’m busy becoming a Mrs and honeymooning, I’ve finally put together this post on how I decorated my old, scuffed grey crutches for my

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Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Ciao, amici! Another busy and beautiful week at the Troilo residence come and gone. Our Easter celebration was low-key for us this year. At first, I felt bad about skipping some of our traditions. … Source: Author Inspiration and This

Friday Book Cover: Differences Across One Genre

Ciao, amici. It’s my turn to discuss covers today. I’ve done a few where I broke down the features of a single title or a series, discussing font, color, graphic, etc. Today, I thought … Source: Friday Book Cover: Differences

The Scarlet Ribbon

When a dirty blue car mows Maggie down outside her local supermarket, she becomes trapped in the nightmare world of a coma patient.In this very different world, she manages to rescue an abused and … Source: The Scarlet Ribbon

The Idea Mill #36

It’s been about six months since we visited the old Idea Mill. I’ve save a few articles over that time, but they don’t seem to be showing up as fast as they used to. Then there… Source: The Idea Mill

How to Write the Best “About The Author” Page Possible

Check out this great post from Nicholas Rossis’ blog about writing your author bio … Writing a book is hard. Still, I’d rather write a 5-novel series than a book blurb. And when it comes to writing a couple of

Using Real Life Experiences in Fiction

Hey, SE Readers. Joan here today with more of my thoughts on writing. “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Probably everyone has heard this quote or some variation. If you google for who wrote it, you… Source: Using Real Life Experiences

Free Story: What’s in a Name?

*** Read Infinite Waters for free on Kindle Unlimited *** In April 2018, I posted my thousandth post on this blog. To celebrate, I started sharing here all my short stories. Every couple of weeks, … Source: Free Story: What’s in a Name?

#ShareAReviewDay Tuesday is Back!

In an ongoing effort to bring back some of this blog’s most popular features, I hereby announce the resumption of #ShareAReviewDay Tuesday. For full instructions on how you can share your fav… Source: #ShareAReviewDay Tuesday is Back!

How to Change Formatted Content in Scrivener

Hello to all the Story Empire readers, PH here today with a  Scrivener tip I hope you’ll find useful. Ever realized your formatting is incorrect throughout your documents? It could be simple … Source: How to Change Formatted Content in

#bookreview: THE BODY IN THE WETLANDS by Judi Lynn

Ciao, amici! Happy Tuesday. I have another review for you. Not long ago, I read, thoroughly enjoyed, and reviewed Judi Lynn’s cozy mystery, The Body in the Attic. You can read that post here.… Source: #bookreview: THE BODY IN THE

#MondayMeme #MondayBlogs

Thinking we need some Monday smiles, so our writing/reading memes are somewhat on the silly side today.  Except for those that aren’t. Enjoy!  😀 Source: #MondayMeme #MondayBlogs

The 3-Act Emotional Arc For Showing Shame In Fiction | Writers In The Storm

Lisa Hall-Wilson shares a brilliant lesson on using shame in your character’s emotional arc. Source: The 3-Act Emotional Arc For Showing Shame In Fiction | Writers In The Storm

Friday Writing Question: Draft or Edit

Hi, SEers! Mae here today with something for you to ponder. During the course of life, there are many mind-boggling questions that cross our paths. Which came first—the chicken or the egg? If a tre… Source: Friday Writing Question: Draft

Book Review: The Other Half of Augusta Hope

Hello everyone. Happy Thursday. Today, I’m posting a book review from an ARC read via NetGalley. 4 Stars Thanks to Netgalley and Harper Collins for this ARC of The Other Half of Augusta Hope. Though I have given this book

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Plot, Inner Change, Evocative Writing—What Really Rivets Readers? ~ WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Here’s a counterintuitive fact: Writers spend way too much time obsessing about “the writing.” They sweat over the words, the technique, the language, the flow, the use of metaphor, and hey, are there enough sensory details?  Fact: In and of

New Pen Name and New Cover

Check out this awesome new book release from Staci Troilo … I’ve pre-ordered mine! … Check out the amazing new cover for The Gate, book one of the five-book Astral Conspiracy Series, part of the Sterling and Stone Invasion Universe.

How to use IFTTT (If This, Then That) with Twitter

Hello SErs! Harmony here. With all the recent changes to Twitter’s tweeting and auto-tweet rules, I thought it might be useful to talk about how we can use the IFTTT platform to help us out a… Source: How to use

Another Sneak Peek!

Hi everyone. Today, I thought I’d give you a sneak peek from my wedding hair trial. I love it. Considering my hair is superfine, I can’t believe what hairdresser Freya did for me on this! Majorly excited about the big

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21 Questions You Can Use To Help You Sell More Books

Here are 21 questions that you can consider using to improve your book description to get more attention, which could help you sell more books. Source: 21 Questions You Can Use To Help You Sell More Books

Author Inspiration and This Week’s Writing Links

Ciao, amici! Did you know this week was National Library Week? I’ve been celebrating with a post here and there on Facebook and Instagram. But I couldn’t let the week go by without ment… Source: Author Inspiration and This Week’s

Friday Book Share: The Last Fifty Pages

Check out this excellent writing tool for finishing your novel … Hello SErs! Harmony here. Today is the day for a book share, and I’ve chosen The Last Fifty Pages by James Scott Bell. Staci Troilo first put me on to this