Featured On the Reef ~ Harmony Kent @harmony_kent

Oh Baubles gets some unexpected love On the Reef over at Sarah Brentyn’s place today. I’d be delighted if you could check it out >>>

    On the Reef is a series featuring fabulous indie authors from around the blogosphere and beyond. Titles, covers, and blurbs that catch my eye, new releases, great reads… Basical…

Source: Featured On the Reef ~ Harmony Kent @harmony_kent

9 comments on “Featured On the Reef ~ Harmony Kent @harmony_kent
  1. Jan Sikes says:


  2. Roberta Eaton Cheadle says:

    Heading right over, Harmony. I have Sarah’s book on my TBR for this holiday period.

  3. Happy to spread the word about this perfect holiday read. 📚🎄❤️ Hopefully this season will allow me some reading time. Happy Holidays!

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