How do you like each book in a series to end?

Hi everyone … I have a question on writing and reading a series for you over at Story Empire today >>>


Hello SErs. Harmony here. At the moment, I’m writing a trilogy, and I have a question about how you like for each book in a series to end. Cliffhanger or all tied off and settled? Or somethin…

Source: How do you like each book in a series to end?

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Roberta Eaton Cheadle

Interestingly enough, Harmony, I had never read a series before I started blogging. I have always preferred stand alone books. I am enjoying a few series now, two of which are written by authors from the Story Empire group.

Sarah Stuart

I love reading series of books about the same characters, but I dislike being “blackmailed” into buying the next. I prefer to have a definite tied-up climax, hopefully with a note from the author at the end “book 2 (or 3) coming soon. I would follow an author on Amazon to make sure I didn’t miss it. I do follow a few. It’s usually Amazon Com who email me, even though I buy from the UK site, but I do find out very promptly.