#TANKATUESDAY Weekly #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 247, #SynonymsOnly #Haiku @SyllabicPoetry @ColleenChesebro

Hi everyone! Today, I’ve joined Colleen’s weekly TankaTuesday challenge and have written a Haiku in the 3-5-3 syllabic format. You can find Colleen’s post HERE.


 Willow Willers from last month’s challenge chose the two words for this month:

Twilight & Hue

Dandelion framed with setting sun

Image by Adina Voicu from Pixabay

soft owl light
changes the nuance
of death’s shade

34 Comments on “#TANKATUESDAY Weekly #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 247, #SynonymsOnly #Haiku @SyllabicPoetry @ColleenChesebro

  1. Hi, Harmony, I was having major problems trying to comment. But I was attempting them on my phone. Error message every time. I appreciate you, know that.
    This haiku, wow. Splendid. From the photo, that to me looks like a lamp with a shade and then the synonyms you used to string those lovely words together. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Again, I appreciate you. Be well, I bless your day.

    • Thanks so much, Selma. I’m so sorry you’ve had issues. WP is playing up for lots of folks lately. Many blogs I can’t comment on unless I’m using my WP Reader, which also doesn’t always work. So frustrating.
      Thanks so much for persevering!

      I appreciate you too and love that you liked the Haiku as much as you did 💕🙂

    • Those two words demanded my attention and wouldn’t let go once I’d thought of them, and I had to write the rest of the poem to fit them, lols. Thanks, Denise 🙂

    • Each time I read it, I see something else! Thanks, John … glad they’re all good thoughts! 🙂

  2. Harmony, you captured the “hue” with the imagery of “death’s shade and soft owl’s light.” It speaks of the golden light often seen at death, perhaps before entering the Bardo. This is very atmospheric for this time of year as well. Bravo! <3

    • Awesome! Thanks so much for all your support and helping to feed my imagination, Colleen 🙂💕