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Week In Review

  A lovely photo and some great writing-related links over at Joan Hall’s place today >>> Hey, everyone. Wow! September is moving right along. Can you believe the autumn equinox is in three days? I pulled this picture from my


My latest fiction novel gets lots of love with this great review from Kevin Cooper >>>   WHEN EVERYTHING FALLS APART, WHAT CAN YOU DO? The year is 3040. The location is Exxon 1, part of a six-planet system in

The One Marketing Tip Staring You in the Face

Check out some tips on marketing by P H Solomon over on Story Empire today >>>   Hello, Story Empire readers! PH in the house today and wishing you an enjoyable, productive day. First, let me ask this: have you

Glen and Bessie Hyde #MysteryMonday

Looking for inspiration? … Check out this week’s Mystery Monday tale over at Joan Hall’s place >>>     Hey, everyone. I first heard this week’s Mystery Monday years ago on the television show Unsolved Mysteries. You may or may

When You Can’t Find Your Past Participle

Check out my post about finding the right past participle (not as painful as it sounds!) over on Story Empire >>>   Hello SErs. Happy Wednesday. Harmony here 🙂 While writing my current book, Exodus, I ran into a little

Book Review: Red Eyes in The Darkness by D L Finn #TuesdayBookShare

A great book review for Red Eyes in the Darkness by D L Finn over at Joan Hall’s place … I just bought my copy >>>   Hey everyone. A couple of weeks ago on Story Empire, Craig posted about

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Some great book reviews here, including one for my latest …Fallout! Check them out over at Denise’s place >>>       FALLOUT by Harmony Kent “Fallout” is a post-apocalyptic story that left me thinking and then rethinking again. Set in

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – The Red Dress by Abbie Johnson Taylor

  An inspiring author over at Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore >>> A welcome to Abbie Johnson Taylor to the Cafe and Bookstore. Abbie has featured here on the blog for Sunday Interview, and it is a pleasure to add her

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update #Reviews – Jane Risdon, D.G. Kaye and Balroop Singh

Three books with three great reviews. Check them out over at … Welcome to the second of this week’s Cafe and Bookstore updates with recent reviews for some of the authors on the shelves. The first review is for Jane

Week In Review

A Ghost Tour and Writing Links over at Joan Hall’s place today >>>   Hey y’all. Time for another Week in Review. This week’s photo is one I took a few years ago. In November 2015, my husband and I

The Gate

A great review for a great book … Staci Troilo’s sci-fi The Gate is getting some love over on Kevin Cooper’s blog >>> Landon Thorne is a disgraced archaeologist, a laughing stock in his field because of his unconventional beliefs

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – Order No.227. From Stalin With Love by Marina Osipova

This short read looks so awesome, I just bought my copy! Check it out now >>>   Delighted to add another book to her shelf in the bookstore. A novella – Order No.227. From Stalin With Love by Marina Osipova

Keeping Up to Date

It’s often the simple ideas which are the best … check out Joan Hall’s great post on how to keep yourself straight while writing a novel over on Story Empire >>> Hi, SE Readers. Joan with you today. In recent

Book Review ~ Swamp Ghosts by Marcia Meara #TuesdayBookBlog

A great book review for Marcia Meara’s Swamp Ghosts over on Joan Hall’s blog. I have three of the Riverben books waiting for me to get around to reading them, and now I’m even keener to get started >>> Hey

Keep a Lid on It with #Scrivener

A useful post on managing projects in Scrivener over on Story Empire >>> Keep track of a project at any time can be difficult. If your not able to do so things can become a monstrous mess that can consume

The long and short of it

A great post positing the question of what’s best, long or short? Check it out on Story Empire >>>   Hi gang, Craig with you again today. I’ve been pondering word counts lately. There are multiple reasons, both personally and

Book Review: Black Crow Speaks @FrederickAnder2 #shortstories

A fantastic review for an author I’ve not come across before now, over at Mae Clair’s place today >>> (I’m off to buy my copy now, it looks so good)   In my post yesterday, I mentioned having read a

A Different Take on Manuscript Analysis

Check out this post on Pitch meetings and how these funny videos can help you in your writing and revision over at Story Empire >>> Ciao, amici! When my turn rolls around to post at Story Empire, I almost always tell

#ShareAReviewDay Tuesday – Unknown Reasons by Joan Hall

A great review for Joan Hall’s Unknown Reasons over at Marcia Meara’s place today >>> Happy Tuesday, Everybody! This morning, we are getting the ball rolling with an excellent review of Unknown Reasons: Driscoll Lake Book Two, by Joan Hall.

How to Get Universal

In case you missed this … check out how to get universal book links (and why you need them) over on Story Empire >>>   Hello SErs, Harmony here 🙂 A while ago, I tried using universal links to take

Confessions and Questions

It’s confessions and questions time over at Story Empire today >>>   Hi Gang, Craig here again. I decided to park the Expansion Packs for a while. Writing posts here is kind of like dowsing, in that I really don’t

Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Author Update #Reviews – Jeanine Lunsford, Marcia Meara, Judy Penz Sheluk

Three authors to check out over at Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore >>> Welcome to the second of the update posts this week for authors in the Cafe and Bookstore. The first author is Jeanine Lunsford for her book Remembering First

Week in Review

  More great writing-related links this Friday over on Joan Hall’s blog >>> Hey, Y’all. It’s Friday again. (Yeah!) That means it’s time for another weekly wrap up. I’m changing the format a little this week. Since I decided to

Friday Writing Question: Who?

An interesting question and a thought-provoking post over on Story Empire today >>>   Hey SE Readers. Joan with you today. It’s time for another writing question. All of us have people who have impacted our lives. Most of the

Friday Finds #writetips #humor #qotd

Check out Staci Troilo’s Friday post, which has lots of great writing-related links >>>   Ciao, amici! How was your week? Mine was a little bumpy, but that seems to be the case for many of my friends. Like my

Housework won’t kill you, but why take a chance?

Check out a few funny memes over on thestoryreadingape’s blog … I’m definitely that one in the kitchen, lol >>> Reblogged on Source: Housework won’t kill you, but why take a chance?

Smorgasbord Laughter Lines – Misleading, Misdirection and minding your own business, and more one liners…

  These are so hilarious, I even emailed the link to hubby, lol … well worth a look over at Sally’s place today >>> Now time for those one liners.. as usual please place your groans rated 1-10 in the

Sci-Fi Thursday: AATIP

Great post today … do you believe Aliens exist? >>>   Ciao, amici. This is the last of the new blog features. Since I’m writing science fiction, I thought it was only right to talk about it. Today, my inaugural

Is Reading Still Popular?

  I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t live without books >>> Anybody remember the phrase ‘Reading is Fundamental’?  First, I didn’t realize it was a nonprofit child literacy organization founded in 1966.  Thought it was saying used in


Fallout is getting lots of love today over at Stephen Geez’s blog … and he’s made me a lovely banner! 🙂 >>> Reblogged on Source: