Co-Authorship a View in Four Parts – Part One

Hi everyone. John has a great post on Co-Authoring over at Story Empire today. Well worth checking out >>>


Hi, SE ers John here. Today I’m going to kick off a four-part series of posts on co-authorship. I will begin the subject by discussing the elements of co-authorship. Then on January 15th Gwe…

Source: Co-Authorship a View in Four Parts – Part One

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John Howell

Thank you for sharing the post today, Harmony. 😁

Sarah Stuart

I’ve just been over there, Harmony, but I’d have been pleased with the tip if I hadn’t! I always watch for your emails, whether they are about book reviews or the latest on Story Empire.

John’s is a fascinating article I’d like to reblog, but I’ll leave it a while or it will display Jan’s day too quickly. She’s still getting views, though I noticed you looked this morning and saw she’d responded to comments after I said goodnight. 🙂

I hope you’re feeling better. It’s snowing here – from a very grey, threatening, sky!