#TANKATUESDAY Weekly #POETRY CHALLENGE Poet’s Choice @SyllabicPoetry @ColleenChesebro

Hi everyone! Today, I’ve joined Colleen’s weekly TankaTuesday challenge, and I’ve written a Haiku I believe most creatives will relate to. You can find her post HERE.


Below is my long Haiku in 7-5-7 syllabic format.

night zaps energy

though quiet you use too much



clock with woman in thinking pose and cogs inside head
Image by chenspec from Pixabay

I don’t know about you, but my most creative time is that space between sleeping and waking or waking and sleeping. So often, my creativity flares and steals any chance of sleep, lols 😂🙂

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  1. Hi Harmony, a great poem. I don’t have this problem. My creativity is well trained to know that it has its time and place in my life, just like everything else. I once compared by muse to a sergeant major.

  2. With you on those creative spaces in our awareness Harmony… many of my short stories and poetry are conceived within them.. lovely haiku.. I like the 17 syllables and as Colleen says they allow you to flesh out the intent of the poem.. ♥

  3. Harmony – how is your verse a long haiku at a syllable count of 5,7,5?

    It is true that quiet oft leads to imagination overload! 🙂

    • I say ‘long’ because it’s more than twelve syllables. Much modern Haiku asks for either a 3-5-3 or a 2-3-2 syllabic format. However, I believe any of these (including the older form of 5-7-5) is fine. Hope this clarifies … I’m still very much a beginner in this area! Thanks for stopping by, Jules 🙂

  4. I totally agree about those in-between moments, Harmony. And you captured it perfectly with this poem!

  5. I think you hit on a poetic truth, Harmony. When my mind wanders or rests, I suppose, is when I get the best inspiration. I work out plots and issues during sleep. I need to stop doing that and just sleep! LOL! I also like the haiku written in this form. My research into haiku said around twelve syllables, but not how they had to be placed per line. However, I also like the 5-7-5 form because the extra syllables (17) help to write your poem. You are a natural at this syllabic poetry! <3

    • You nailed that moment, Harmony. Once that imagination kicks in sleep is gone! Loved this xo

      • I imagined many of us would connect to this kind of moment. Thanks, Denise 💕🙂

    • Aww, thanks so much, Colleen! I sure do enjoy the shorter syllabic form 💕🙂

    • Confession: I wrote this in that gap between waking and sleeping, lols. Then I counted breaths and told my brain to behave itself 😂🙂

  6. Hi Harmony, I know exactly what you are saying, the same here. It’s like we give space to our soul to speak up in between that time. Beautiful poem!

    • Lols. I have that too! Gigantic hugs to you too! Have a wonderful weekend, David 🤗💕🙂