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Robert Fear and the Summer of 77

Hello everyone. Today it gives me great pleasure to host fellow author, Robert Fear, who is here to tell you about himself, his books, and his latest release … Summer of 77 … take it away Robert >>> Robert Fear

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Sammy: Hero At Age Five

New from Mary L Schmidt, ‘Sammy Hero At Age Five’ tells her son’s story of his fight with cancer, as in Mary’s ‘When Angels Fly’, but this time from Sammy’s point of view. Available now. About the book: “Kids can

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RRBC Pay it Forward Week! Welcome to Shirley Slaughter!

RRBC Pay it Forward Week! Hello everyone! I am delighted today to host the final of two authors I will spotlight, promote, and propel this week as part of the RRBC Pay it Forward Week. Where blog hosts support one author per day, and don’t

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