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Good morning, everyone!

What a week this is going to be … myself and a group of five authors, known collectively as STORY EMPIRE, have gotten together and gone on a roadshow. Throughout the week, we will offer book deals and giveaways and prizes. Today, I am delighted to host author Craig Boyack πŸ™‚

Take it away, Craig …

Welcome to day one of the Story Empire Roadshow. We decided to take some of our fiction on the road to expose it to new readers. What better device to illustrate this concept than an old fashioned bookmobile.

Thanks to Harmony for hosting my first stop, and I’ve got something fun for you today:

I’m pricing my best selling title, Panama, at 99Β’ today and tomorrow.

Β image1

Panama is the story of two ex-cavalrymen who get asked by President Roosevelt to look into some strange happenings at the construction site of the Panama Canal.

This is a paranormal tale, and because the construction zone was made up of international laborers, I decided any magic there would have an international flavor too. There is a bit of witchcraft, some hoodoo, and even a few shamanistic references.

image2Β Aside from the demon rampaging through the jungle, Ethan and Coop have to deal with Carlist rebels who want to reclaim all the Spanish colonies in the New World.

Add in the appropriate steam powered equipment, the backdrop of a brutal jungle, and one horse with a bad attitude, and I think it makes for a pretty good story. This is also a buddy story, and the characters really come into their own in this one. I even peppered in a few appropriate celebrity cameos to keep it fun.

Β I hope you’ll take a chance on Panama. The sale ends in two days, and after that it’s back to $2.99. Don’t worry though, I have other promotions going on this week so follow the tour.

Β To keep you interested in the tour, at the end of the week I’m going to tally up the comments and award some prizes. I have two gigantic coffee mugs to give away, and they are well worth winning. They feature my personal assistant, and spokesmodel, Lisa Burton alongside a bust of me. Here’s a photo for reference.

I’d appreciate your sharing this across social media, and maybe some of you will find your next reading adventure.

Β Story Empire is a co-op of authors, and we’re all working the bookmobile this week. I’m hosting Staci Troilo today, and Harmony is appearing at Joan Hall’s place. You can see the entire schedule at this link. (Our tour page.)



30 Comments on “#StoryEmpire Road Show! Welcome Craig Boyack

  1. Panama sounds intriguing! Love the idea of a little paranormal mixed in with the historical fiction.

    Best of luck on the tour this week.

    Harmony, thanks for hosting today.

  2. I’m so pleased to stop today! Craig, I already have ‘Panama’ and look forward to posting a review. Great post, and thanks so much Harmony for hosting.

    • You’re so welcome, Craig. It’s a pleasure to have you over today! Yep, it’s definitely a busy blogging time! lols πŸ™‚

  3. Panama sounds like fun and entertaining reading, even if I’m not very much into paranormal at the moment (mood-driven reader here). I’ll definitely give it a try!

    • Like you, Irene, I read different things depending on my mood: I’m certainly multi-genre in both reading and writing! Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  4. “Panama” sounds like a good combination of history and magic. I added it to my kindle and look forward to reading it! Thanks for the sale!

    Thanks for hosting, Harmony.

    • Thanks for stopping by, DL, and I’m sure Craig will be thrilled that you’ve picked up one of his books. Have fun reading πŸ™‚

    • I’m so excited that you took a chance on Panama. Thanks for commenting, and I saw you around the other posts today too. Maybe you’ll win one of the prizes.

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