#NewBook: The Steaks Are High: A Karnie Cleaver #Mystery (Karnie Cleaver Mysteries Book 2) by Judi Lynn @judypost

Hi everyone. It gives me great pleasure to host fellow author and blogger Judi Lynn. Judi has a fun new cozy mystery novel out, and I can’t wait for her to tell us all about it! >>>

The Steaks Are High: A Karnie Cleaver Mystery (Karnie Cleaver Mysteries Book 2) by [Judi Lynn]

I met Harmony through Story Empire.  I was so impressed with her blogs and short fiction on Vocal that I started to follow her.  And I’m glad I did.  Her Amazon page:  Harmony at Amazon.  Her Story Empire page:  https://storyempirecom.wordpress.com/harmony-kent/ . So, I was thrilled when Harmony invited me to her blog.  And I hope she feels comfortable whenever she wants to visit mine.  I’ll always have room for her! [I sure do, Judi!!!]

I’m here to promote my newest cozy mystery, THE STEAKS ARE HIGH.  It’s my second Karnie Cleaver mystery, and Karnie’s married now, excited about helping her new husband Matt, raise his two young children, Chelsea and Jackson.  Matt and Karnie would have never paid attention to each other if not for Matt’s daughter, Chelsea, close to three.  Matt had gone to school with Karnie and her older brother Chuck.  He was one of Chuck’s best friends.  They played football together.  Both guys were good-looking and had no trouble finding girls.  In fact, girls flocked to them.  Matt thought of Karnie as Chuck’s geeky, little sister.

Karnie didn’t get any of the good looks in their family.  She knew she was plain.  And smart.  And probably anal.  She considered Matt a player, especially once he hooked up with the gorgeous cheerleader, Renee.  They married soon after high school and had two children.  But Renee didn’t like being a farmer’s wife.  She liked the glamour of marrying the high school football star, not the man who raised grassfed Angus cattle.  And children were a bore.  So, she left when their daughter Chelsea was only six months old, and Matt was left to raise the two kids himself.

When Matt brought Chelsea into Karnie’s family’s butcher shop, his daughter took one look at Karnie and raised her arms.  She wanted Karnie to hold her.  Karnie would never know why, but Matt’s little girl had decided she wanted Karnie to be her new mommy.  Karnie had seen herself as forever happy and single.  Matt had decided he didn’t have time to date.  But Chelsea changed all that.  She threw the two of them together, and good things happened.

Of course, no mystery would be complete without a murder, so that’s thrown into the mix, too.  And Karnie finds out that life is more than work and downtime.  Romance and kids take up time, too.  But it’s all worth it.  If you try The Steaks Are High, I hope you enjoy it.   And thanks for hosting me, Harmony! [I’m so happy to have you over to visit, Judi, and wish you all the best with your latest book!] 🙂

About the Book:

The Steaks Are High: A Karnie Cleaver Mystery (Karnie Cleaver Mysteries Book 2) by [Judi Lynn]Karnie Cleaver works in her family’s butcher shop. Things have changed in her life lately. She married her brother’s best friend, Matt Roeback, and is happy to help him raise his two kids. Once his farmhouse is renovated, they’re moving into it, and she’s selling her cozy bungalow. Add to that, her older brother is moving back home to work in the family’s shop. Porter’s always been the golden boy who could do no wrong–a hard pill to swallow. She has a lot on her plate, and then Jethro Thromm–one of her favorite customers–asks her to help prove that his brother, Earl, didn’t kill Glandale’s councilman, even though Earl was bending over his body in the alley, holding the knife that killed him.


Recent Review for The Steaks are High:

Mae Clair

Reviewed in the United States on July 30, 2022

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  1. If you try it, Jacquie, I hope you like it. I love the cover of the new book you have coming out soon!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Mar. My cute little neighbor girls thought of the title while I was working in my flowerbeds. It created such a picture in my mind, a story came from it.

  3. Nice to learn about Judi and her book, which definitely looks like a fun romp. I will for sure check it out. <3

  4. I’ve read a few of Judi’s books and always enjoy them. This sounds like one I need to add to my reading list!

  5. Lovely to see Judi here. She’s a fabulous cozy writer. Wishing her all the best with her latest release.

    Thanks for hosting, Harmony!

    • It took me a minute to get my comments in the right place, but thanks for stopping by, Staci! Hope you’ve been enjoying your new grandbaby and you’re all settled in after your move.

  6. Congratulations, Judi. Your latest sounds like a great read. I’m off to Amazon to check it out. Thank you, Harmony, for featuring Judi today. Hugs to both of you!

  7. This sounds like a delightful cozy series. Huge congrats to Judi on the second book in the series. Thanks for hosting, Harmony.

  8. Congrats on your latest release, Judi and fun titles 🙂 I have the first book in this series coming up to read soon. Thanks for hosting, Harmony!

    • There are so many clever titles for cozy mysteries right now, I thought I’d give it a try. Thanks for stopping by, Michele.

  9. This sounds like a fun read. I love the play on words in the title. Not to mention Karnie’s last name. Wishing you all the best, Judi.

    Thanks for hosting today, Harmony.

    • I had a lot of fun with the names in the family. Karnie (for carnivore), Porter, and Chuck. Karnie’s dad has a sense of humor:)

  10. Congratulations, Judi, on this new release! It sounds like a super entertaining read, and I love that there are children. They can add so much heart to a story. Thank you for hosting, harmony!

    • I taught elementary ed for 6 years, and our house was always full of kids once I had my own. Their friends dropped in and hung around. I love kids.

  11. I guess it’s no secret I enjoyed the book, LOL. A thoroughly enjoyable cozy, and a great series on top of it. Lovely to see Judi here today, Harmony. I wish her the best with her latest release. Thanks for hosting her today!

    • Yep, I think your review just MIGHT have given that away, lols! Thanks, Mae 💕🙂

    • Thanks so much for the review, Mae! I really appreciated it.

  12. Congratulations on the new release, Judi. I will go over to Amazon and grab a copy.

    Thanks for hosting, Harmony. Great show of support.

    • I really appreciated Harmony hosting me. I had plans to do more marketing for this book, but life happens, and they pretty much got shuffled in the mix. Thanks for stopping by, Beem.

  13. Thanks again for hosting me, Harmony! Much appreciated. And please feel free to guest on my blog anytime.

    • It’s such a pleasure to have you come and visit, Judi. Best of luck with everything! Hugs 💕🙂