My Week in Review and Writing Links

Hello everyone. Happy Friday. Sheesh, this has felt like a looong week. Not that I’m wishing my life away, but I’m glad it’s the weekend, lol. While making progress on my WIP, I came up with one of those lines that made me think, ooh I love that …

‘Cautiously, they picked their way through empty streets, inhabited only by litter and signs of old violence.’

Today sees me breaking past the 20,000 word mark.

This week’s quote resonates with me. I’m one of those writers who struggles not to edit or revise as I go along. But I’m finding when I manage to just let it flow, it goes better. How about you?

I hope this finds all of you well, and here’s wishing you a good weekend.

Here are this week’s writing links …


Save Time! Create a Document Template in Scrivener by P.H. Solomon

Write Medium by C.S. Boyack

Five For Friday: Fizzled Marketing Channels of 2018 by P.H. Solomon



What we can Learn from Teen Writers by Harrison Demchick from Writers in the Storm

Letting Go: In Writing and In Life by Donna Galanti from Writers in the Storm

Subtlety in Word Choices by Fae Rowen from Writers in the Storm

The Value of Linguistic Fossils from Nicholas Rossis

30 Sites that Pay Writers from Nicholas Rossis

The Best Writing Prompts to Help Spark Your Your Imagination from Just Publishing Advice

Beginnings and Back-story from Writers Helping Writers

Deepen the Reader’s Connection to Your Character by Laura Drake from Romance University

Ultimate List of the Best Book Review Blogs by Dave Chessen from Kindlepreneur


Story Empire (Co-authored)

Harmony’s Amazon Author Page

Twitter: @harmony_kent

LinkedIn: Harmony

Goodreads: Author Page

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Jan Sikes

I’ve heard arguments on both sides of the editing as you go controversy. My sister and I exchange chapters as we are writing and critique each other’s work. So, when I get her comments back, I usually put them in before I move forward. But, doing that does break the flow. I absolutely love that line, Harmony! Wow! Talk about a visual.

D.L. Finn

What a great visual I get from from your line. A pka e I’d be nervous to be walking! Have a great weekend:)

D.L. Finn

Place. As you can see I edit later…

CS Boyack

I have a habit of always reading my last chapter before I start writing. There are always a few things that poke out and need trimming. Then I move forward with less concern, because I’ll shape it up when it becomes the last chapter I wrote.

Staci Troilo

Love the Ray Bradbury quote. And yours. Glad your work is moving along. I edit as I go. I can’t help it. I get antsy if I don’t fix things.

Have a great weekend!