My Week in Review and Writing Links

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! It’s been a productive week here with lots of jobs and lots of writing achieved. Still no hip x-ray, grrr … that’s been a good while waiting now. I will say that as long as I’m careful, it’s not too bad most of the time, just the odd bit where it gets me, lols. My partner and I had a nice afternoon in Mevagissey on Saturday (which is just under an hour away from us). Here’s a picture of boats in the harbour, taken on my phone …

We couldn’t have asked for better weather. Recently, I bought a small self-folding mobility scooter, which meant I got right out to the end of the harbour wall for the first time ever! Usually I have to stop at the inner harbour.

As well as writing more on the short stories, I have scheduled four Story Empire posts which take me up to my mid-December commitment. A couple more, and I’ll be sorted until January 2019! 🙂 As usual, below, you will find this week’s writing links. Have a good weekend.


Guess Who? by little ole me … going deeper with character description (and having a little fun along the way!)

This Crazy English Language by Joan Hall … an amusing post on pronunciations and spellings



Cleaning Up POV by Ann Griffin from Writers in the Storm

Facebook Deceived Us and now we have Social Media problems from Just Publishing Advice

The Perk of a Side-Writing Project by Tasha Seegmiller from Writers in the Storm … apt for me at the moment with a novel on hiatus but lots of short stories flowing! 🙂

Finding Ways to Progress Your Writing Career by Laura Yates from Nicholas Rossis

Affirmations Anyone? from The Write Stuff … I’ve stolen one of Marcia’s quotes for this week, lol, and just had to share her post here!

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Roberta Eaton

I enjoyed reading about your week, Harmony, and thank you for the links.

Nicholas Rossis

Mevagissey looks lovely, and you couldn’t have asked for better weather! Thanks for the link, too 🙂

Jan Sikes

What a wonderful place for a get-away! I am familiar with the folding scooters as my late husband had gotten one after having to have a leg amputated. They are a wonderful addition to mobility! You are an inspiration, Harmony!

CS Boyack

Looks like a lovely place for a get away. I love the fantasy graphic you used too.

John Howell

Lovely photo, Harmony. I’ll bet it felt good getting to the end of the harbor wall. Glad you had a super time.