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Hello everyone. It gives me pleasure to host a book with a difference today. I would like to introduce author Ann Vanino and her non-fiction book on Personal Growth, Chrysalis. Now, I have a bit of a thing for butterflies and the process of transformation, and so this couldn’t be a more perfect book or author to host! Ann also gives us a lovely post on Embracing Change!

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From the Author:


“Who are you said the Caterpillar. “I hardly know, Sir, just at present-at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then.” – Alice in Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

 Is change a part of your life? Do you embrace change or hide from it?

If you can count on one thing in life, it is change. Changes can be small, medium, or large. They can bring wonderful things or difficult challenges. Change is a constant force in Nature. You see change in the four seasons, life and death, day and night and the weather. Nature accepts change with grace. Humans are not always as graceful!

Change can unsettle you. It can bring negativity and pain into your life and it can break apart your happiness. However, resisting change is ultimately a futile effort. Change happens and your life is affected.

There are many ways you can resist change:

  • pretend it isn’t there
  • try to control it
  • avoid it
  • deny it
  • fight it
  • ignore it


If change is going to happen, isn’t it better to embrace it, rather than resist it? When you embrace change in your life you begin to understand it, you flow with it, you see its benefits, you reduce your stress and life becomes an adventure.

How can you begin to embrace change in your life?

  • Strengthen your faith. With a foundation of faith you can face anything. Your foundation can be a faith in yourself, a belief in a higher power, a religious community, or your own spiritual practice.
  • Prepare for change. Create a financial reserve. Talk with your children about change. Think of how you will respond to change when it comes.
  • Accept uncertainty. Allow the unknown to be a part of your life. Expect the unexpected. Don’t count on being able to control all aspects of your life.
  • Face change when it occurs. Don’t avoid it. Look at what has happened and decide how you will deal with it.
  • Shift your perspective. See life as a journey. Accept change as a force that shapes your life.


By embracing change, you see life as it really is. You shatter illusions. You align yourself with the flow of life. Life gets better.


So, are you ready to take some action? Here are two things you can do to begin embracing change in your life.

  • Name three big changes that have occurred in your lifetime. Write down how you felt when each change first occurred, how you dealt with it, and how the change affected you in the long run. Then, for each change, write a scenario that presents the change as a positive force in your life. See what you learn from doing this.
  • Observe a change in nature, for example, the change from winter to spring or the change from day to night. Identify the positive and negative aspects of the change. Think about what would happen if something in nature tried to obstruct that change.


Good luck!

Book Blurb:

We are living in a time of transformation. Old ways are fading. New ways are emerging. There is an increasing focus within. Many of us are feeling a desire to create a new direction for our lives.


Chrysalis: Personal Transformation From The Inside Out uses nature’s process of Chrysalis- a caterpillar transforming to a butterfly – as a guide for our own personal transformation. Each stage of Chrysalis provides a jumping-off point, upon which to reflect about our own experiences as we each transform.


Chapter Five   MediaKit_BookCover_Chrysalis

Our Collective Chrysalis


Becoming Imaginal Cells

In our Collective Chrysalis, imaginal cells are the people, organizations and societal forces that promote and create positive change and transformation in the world. Imaginal cells are our innovators, providing the fuel for our Collective Chrysalis. We can nurture imaginal cells by promoting open space for all to create, overcoming our fear of change, creating an environment of increasing interconnectedness and transparency and giving imaginal cells both a context and a role in our world.

Can we all be imaginal cells? Yes. It is a journey available to every one of us—a journey of freedom, creativity, trust, and courage. We do not look to leaders for our answers; we look within. We source our own creativity and highly value freedom. We look to the new and see possibilities, not barriers. We champion human rights and the empowerment of the individual. We feel the winds of change and use their energy for our creations. We have the courage to venture into the unknown and the discipline to follow through.

Imaginal cells have already given us global communication, faster means of travel, space exploration, scientific breakthroughs, profound spiritual insights and pathways, new organizing structures, and greater understanding of the human psyche. These creations can be built on as we begin our work. We accept that imaginal cells are of many varieties, and we move organically to create our Collective Chrysalis. We are tolerant and value diversity, knowing it is necessary to our evolution. Amidst diversity, we work in harmony and, sometimes, in chaos. We know that chaos fuels creativity, and it is not feared.

About the Author:MediaKit_AuthorPhoto_Chrysalis

Ann is an author and coach dedicated to collaborating with her

clients and readers as they create fulfilling lives and bring their

unique gifts to the world.


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  1. Thank you to everyone for stopping by and for your comments. Good luck with the draw! 🙂

  2. I enjoyed the guest excerpt a lot – I’ll admit that change is difficult for me and that I’m fairly resistant to it – not that I can stop it as the author points out – thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I’ve really enjoyed following the tour and learning about Chrysalis. I plan on reading the book – all of the excerpts and reviews along the way have made me definitely want to know more. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Harmony, Thank you for a lovely introduction. Butterflies are great to have a bit of a thing about. 🙂 Wishing you the best with your blog and other writing. I am impressed with all you do. Ann

  5. I’ve really enjoyed following this book tour. I bought the book on Amazon and I look forward to reading it. I would like to wish you good luck with the books release and with all future projects! <3