Monday Musings Part Fifteen: I think, therefore I am

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I think, therefore I am.


The mind is everything. What you think, you become. We make our own world, and then we live in it. As with the Monday Musings on Gratitude and Patience, perception is key.

Train your mind to see something good in everything.

If I believe that I don’t have enough, I will never have enough.

If I believe that I am inadequate, I will never feel adequate.

If I believe that I live in a cruel world, I will never find love in that world.

When the world caves in, you have to get busy digging. Go deep enough, and you’ll come up with pure gold.

We’ve all heard the clichéd cup-half-full or cup-half-empty options. Today, I have a different choice for you. Cup overfull or cup completely empty? And, in true Zen paradox, the two can be one and the same thing and not the opposites that they first appear.

Take a moment to think about that.Zen Stones for Monday Musings

When our cup is overfull, we cannot get any more in. However, when our cup is empty, we have room for everything. Without all those views and opinions filling our receptacle, we have room for love and laughter and life. So, with an empty cup, we are completely filled. Complete and fulfilled, and yet empty.

As you will know if you’ve read the preceding fourteen musings, my life has not been filled with love and light and ease. Quite the contrary. So, how come I didn’t drown? How come I’m not some bitter and twisted old crone?

It’s all in the mind.

To use another cliché: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Good advice. Sometimes, things become clichés for good reason.

Take care with the stories that you tell yourself. When you get out of bed in the morning, pay attention to which colour-tinted glasses you’re putting on. Rose coloured or black? And, when you go to bed each night, let it all go. Take some time in your day to reflect on events and your reactions and thoughts. What kind of vessel are you?

Your thoughts are the potter’s hands that mould the clay of your being.

In the wise words of Zen:

‘Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are. It relies solely on what you think.’

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