Working with an editor – some tips and advice #amwriting #writinganovel #writingtips #selfpublishing

Having had a bad experience recently, I had been toying with a post on ‘How Not to Treat Your Editor’. However, this post from Allison Williams says it all on ‘what to do’. Please do check it out. And seriously, it’s not the editor’s job to chase you or your manuscript. And if you change email address, you MUST let your editor know ASAP! Thanks for an awesome post, Allison! 🙂 …


I’ve been editing for a while now and have worked with some truly lovely writers. I understand that it can be quite nerve-wracking to approach an editor, and if you’re a new writer, you…

Source: Working with an editor – some tips and advice #amwriting #writinganovel #writingtips #selfpublishing

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  1. You’d think with all the electronic means of communication these days, people would have developed better manners for correspondence, not worse. So sorry, Harmz.

    As an editor, I agree. This post says it all.

    • I often feel that the digital age has made us less polite and thoughtful, sad to say. Thanks, Staci! 🙂

      • Thought I’d share my experience with an editor. Having shopped around I found that to combine all of the editorial elements would cost a small fortune and those offering line edits wouldn’t offer editorial advice. I finally took the plunge with Abbey from Now my experience with sellers on that site hasn’t been a positive one. However, Abbey went way beyond my expectations. She read the two books I gave her in full and offered advice, gave a full dictatorial without using a computer-aided program such as Grammarly or similar. She was a dream to work with and even went as far as to beg me to expand on a particular scene. She was also careful with English v American English.

        • It sounds like you got lucky, Steve. Best wishes with your book and your writing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • It sure is, Craig! Over the years, I’ve had to learn not to assume everyone’s on this page! ?

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