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Hi everyone. It gives me great pleasure to host fellow author, Story Empire writer, and friend, Denise Finn. Denise has a new children’s book out! I’ll let her tell you all about it >>>

Thank you, Harmony, for having me here today to share my new children’s release, “Tree Fairies and Their Short Stories.”

I’ve made a video for each book that I’ve released using Movie Maker. I was going to do this again but couldn’t find any of the redwood pictures I’ve taken over the years. So, I tried something new for Tree Fairies—Canva. It was not only fun to use and create, but I had access to pictures outside of my own. This allowed for whimsical backgrounds that my photos wouldn’t have provided.

For the music, I used the acoustic song written by my husband, Fairy Song. This song inspired me to write the poem that turned into this story.

The video is making its debut!


Fun Finn Facts:

  1. I want to become a wild animal rescue volunteer.
  2. I believe there is more than we can see or hear around us.



When reality and magic meet in the forest

It’s 1969, and twelve-year-old Daniel Burns is camping in the redwood forest with his family. Danny wants to listen to his music and read, but his family has other plans. S’mores around the campfire and stories end their first day. The family is sleeping soundly in their secluded tent when Danny wakes up and finds his sister, Colette, is missing. Assuming she went to use the outhouse, he goes after her. When he finds his sister, they discover there is a thin veil between reality and fantasy.

Two bonus short stories offer a glimpse into the magical world that finds Danny and Colette. These hidden beings not only share our world but have a role in protecting their forest.




1969, somewhere in a redwood forest


“I had a dream about them,” I replied before I could stop myself.

Colette was studying the treetops like she was hoping to find fairies.

Dad tossed me another marshmallow. “Tell us about it, Danny.”

I pushed the dirt around with my sneaker. “I don’t think—”

“Please! For me? Pretty please with sugar on top!” Colette’s eagerness was contagious.

“It’s just a dream, but I guess I could try to tell it like a story. You know, because we’re around the campfire and all.”

“Good idea! Thank you for sharing this with us.” Mom’s smile gave me the courage I needed.

“Well, okay, but don’t expect much. I’m not a writer like you.” I cleared my throat and finished my cherry Kool-Aid. The silence was heavy with expectation, which made my palms sweat, but part of me wanted them to hear this. So I took a deep breath and started. “There is a forest where the fairies live in the trees. No one sees them except the squirrels and birds. Until one day, this boy and his family were camping in the woods. The boy went off by himself while wishing he had his tunes to listen to on his new radio. Bummed, he sat down below one of those giant redwood trees.

“He hung out for a while, watching two squirrels run up and down a tree. A nearby stream and a bird’s tune lulled him to sleep until a small branch hit his nose, waking him up. Rubbing his nose, he looked around and saw a bird directly above him. He shrugged and sank back against the tree and fell asleep again.

“Another branch hit him, startling him awake. This time there was no bird, so it had to be a squirrel. The sun had set, and the moon was rising. Soon it would be dark. He knew it was time to get back to his campsite, but he heard humming coming from above as he got up.

“He squinted and tilted his head back. All that he could see were needles, branches, and a darkening sky. He turned to head back to camp when a female voice began singing. It was beautiful, like he imagined an angel’s voice would sound, but he couldn’t understand the words. That’s when he saw the colors and thought they were dragonflies until they got within a few feet of his face. They were tiny, humanlike beings with silver wings. He almost fainted when the green one spoke to him.

“‘Hello . . . ‘ I reached out to her, and then I woke up, so that’s the end.”

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Author Bio

D. L. Finn is an independent California local who encourages everyone to embrace their inner child. She was born and raised in the foggy Bay Area, but in 1990 she relocated with her husband, kids, dogs, and cats to Nevada City, in the Sierra foothills. She immersed herself in reading all types of books but especially loved romance, horror, and fantasy. She always treasured creating her own reality on paper. Finally, surrounded by towering pines, oaks, and cedars, her creativity was nurtured until it bloomed. Her creations include adult fiction, poetry, a unique autobiography, and children’s books. She continues on her adventure with an open invitation to all readers to join her.

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  1. Loved the trailer, your husband’s music and your bio pic is my absolute favorite of you.xoxo
    Thanks for hosting, Harmony:)

    • Thank you, Sandra! Glad you like the trailer and the music too. Happy you like that pic, it was fun doing all those pictures:) xo

  2. Great excerpt, Denise. We used to tell campfire stories as kids, too- brings back fond memories. Love the trailer, your hubby is talented!

    • Thanks, Jacquie:) We used to tell the stories with our kids around the campfire too. I think that was my inspiration for writing that scene. Glad you like the trailer, thank you I think he is too. xo

  3. I loved the excerpt but it was the trailer that really grabbed me. I dabbled with Canva, love their templates and images. You really made it look great. And the music–kudos to your husband!

    • I had a lot of fun playing in Canva for the cover and trailer. I’m lucky to live with someone so musically inclined and talented. It’s inspiring. Xo

  4. Thanks for hosting Denise, Harmony. This is a lovely post, especially the beautiful trailer, and I’m thinking this is a book my granddaughter could grow into before too long. Best of luck (involving kajillions of sales), Denise! Great post, you two! 🤗💗

    • Thank you, Marcia 🙂 Books are the best gifts, aren’t they? I hope your granddaughter enjoys it when she grows into chapter books. I love the idea of a kajillion sales! Xo

  5. Denise, you are so very talented!
    And now you did your own book trailer, young lady! What’s next?
    Congrats on book and video.
    Thanks for sharing, Harmony.

  6. I LOVE the book trailer, Denise. And I opened this book last night, so I am looking forward to being drawn into a world of fantasy mixed with reality. Best wishes with this release and thank you, Harmony, for hosting!

    • Thank you, Jan 🙂 I had fun with this trailer! I hope you enjoy the world of the tree fairies and redwoods. Happy reading and I look forward to your thoughts on it xo

  7. Denise, that is an awesome video trailer, and I loved the musical background. Congrats to you and your husband on the collaboration.
    I’ve really enjoyed your tour with the fairies. Wishing you all the best!

    Thanks for hosting today, Harmony!

    • Thank you, Mae:) I love that inspiration for a story can come from anywhere– including a song. I’m so grateful you followed along with the fairies and me!

  8. Thank you, Bette 🙂 It makes the fairies and me happy that your enjoyed the excerpt and trailer!

  9. Thank you for having the fairies and me here today, Harmony on your welcoming blog:) Your support and friendship is appreciated. xo

    • It’s such a pleasure to have you and the fairies over to visit, Denise! Best of luck with everything xx 🙂

  10. A wonderful fairy fantasy! I enjoyed this read and love the message of saving our beautiful forests and redwoods. A great share, Harmony. Congrats to Denise!