In case you missed my mischief … You can find me at Sally’s @sgc58 and Marcia’s @MarciaMeara

Hi everyone, I had fun on the web yesterday visiting two lovely ladies: Sally Cronin with a wonderful review of The Vanished Boy, and Marcia Meara with a fun 10 Things you may not know about me. If you haven’t seen these already, we’d love a visit, which would be sure to give you a chuckle! Thanks, everyone! 🙂 

The Vanished Boy at Sally’s place

This week I have been reading The Vanished Boy by Harmony Kent… a parent’s worse nightmare.



Ten Things You May Not Know at Marcia’s place   

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Jacquie Biggar

Great to see you out and about, Harmony 🙂

Jan Sikes

Congrats on the spotlights, Harmony! Well deserved!!!

Marcia Meara

Thanks for helping get the word out, Harmony. I KNOW folks are going to love your Ten Things list, and congratulations on another great review of The Vanished Boy. (I’ll be sharing Sally’s weekly roundup post on Saturday, too.) Tweeting this, as well. (We’ll ring all the bells and shout it from the highest mountain until everyone gets the news.) 😄💗

sally cronin

Thanks for boosting the post Harmony and delighted to be on the same page as Marcia and will head over to check out your 10 things.. ♥