Three’s a Crowd

Stock Photo Challenge

Hello everyone. Today is Stock Photo Challenge day over on Don Massenzio’s blog. You can find that post HERE.

The Rules:

  • Write a story, poem or other type of prose of 100 words or less and post it on your blog.
  • If you leave the link for your blog post in the comments of Don’s post, he will share it on his blog.

Here’s my short story in exactly 100 words …

Three’s a Crowd

The waves lap at the pristine shore of an island thousands of miles from any mainland. My guitar washed up last week, and despite the hammering the salt waves and blazing sun gave it, a little tuning has it sounding lovely. But then, after you’ve been alone for a month, any other voice but your own is bound to sound good.

In the distance, I spy a hand-carved log boat. Manned by three men and oars, it takes a while to reach me. They land upwind of me. The stench reaches me before they do.

Three men. Large knives. Cook-pot.

©Harmony Kent 2019


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14 Comments on “Three’s a Crowd

    • Not too gross at all, lol!! I sat here giving it the old Tee he he when I’d done 😁

  1. This reminds me of the song The Reluctant Cannibal by Flanders and Swann. Well done, Harmony.