The Vanished Boy by Harmony Kent @harmony_kent #NewBook #suspense


Hi everyone. I’m thrilled to say that my latest novel, The Vanished Boy, is now available to buy on Amazon in both paperback and eBook. It’s taken me a while longer than I’d planned, lols. 

And in more good news, the new tablets I’m on to reduce to Leukotrienes my body produces are helping my breathing immensely. I also have an x-ray date, which isn’t so cool … not until May 4th … that’s well over 2 months since the initial referall, lols. At least it’s a date! 🙂 


The universal purchase link is


Losing a child

Is like losing a limb.

And you wonder

Could it have ever been

So bad—

Your sin?

Harmony Kent



I’ll be on tour on just a few blogs next week, Monday through Friday, and I’d love to see you there! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your wonderful support and friendship. Have a great weekend 🙂 


©2021 Harmony Kent


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Staci Troilo

Sorry. I was offline all weekend. Congratulations, Harmony. Just grabbed my copy, and I’m looking forward to hosting you this week!

Sarah Stuart

The opening is a shocker, Harmony, but that may be because I’ve had cancer and been in hospital for weeks recently. I’ve gone on reading and am now totally hooked and a quarter of the way through.

BTW, I do agree with you about setting it pre-Covid19. I’ve taken the option of simply ignoring the year in my WIP.

Yvette M Calleiro

Congratulations, Harmony! Great cover, and I like the poem. Here’s to many, many sales! 🙂

CS Boyack

Congratulations, and looking forward to having you over.

Jan Sikes

How exciting, Harmony! I have bought my copy and look forward to reading it! If you need a blog stop, mine is open to you. Best wishes!

Sarah Stuart

Being cautious, I read the blurb on The Vanished Boy. It’s a good one, Harmony. I bought the book instantly.
Review to follow. 🙂

Joan Hall

Congratulations on the new release! I grabbed my copy and look forward to reading this one.

Good news on the meds as well!

John Howell

Great news on the tablets. Congratulations on the launch.

Priscilla Bettis

Congratulations on The Vanished Boy! And I’m so glad to hear you’re breathing is better.

D.L. Finn

Congrats, Harmony on your new release! Good news the pills are helping and you have an x-ray date:) I’m looking forward to following your tour and reading your Vanished Boy 🙂