Supporting Authors: Monster Goose

23112192I am delighted to introduce The Herz family … Father and two sons … Henry, Josh, and Harrison!

This trio came up with a great children’s picture book, and it was a nice break from my usual routine when I was asked to read it and give an honest review …

Monster Goose

Henry, Josh, and Harrison Herz

Illustrations by Abigail Larson

 This review is based on a pre-publication e-galley.

 This is a delightful collection of rhymes based on the traditional, but with a modern and somewhat macabre twist. Each set of double pages holds one short rhyme—written by the Herz trio—and excellent illustrations by Abigail Larson. This is a vibrant and colourful book, and is designed so that parents can read through this with young children. It is also great for the slightly older ones to read for themselves, and enjoy the fantastic pictures. I love the adaptations—for instance, instead of Mary having a “little lamb”, she goes to school with a “hippogriff”; Wee Willie Winkie becomes Wee Willie Werewolf, looking for tardy children to eat! Henry and his sons, Josh and Harrison, obviously have an acute sense of humour, and have shared this with youngsters everywhere in this funny collection of old favourites made new. I award a hearty five out of five stars for this book.

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