Silent Crusade

Hey folks! It gives me great pleasure today to go global and host Canadian author Richard Cozicar and his new book, Silent Crusade! A crime thriller that’s on fire. Take it away, Richard 🙂

Silent CrusadeTerrorists are targeting major western countries. The first to suffer is Britain, France takes the next hit, and then Canada’s largest city is devastated by the unthinkable acts of a suicide bomber. The concentrated efforts of the allied countries have failed to slow down the steady spread of death and destruction within their borders and they are getting desperate.

Fishing guide and retired CSIS agent, Brand Coldstream, returns from a Northern fishing excursion only to discover his girlfriend, Sara Monahan is missing. How far is Brand willing to go to find Sara and what will he discover on his search?

On the other side of the world, mercenaries from western countries join forces with Middle Eastern terrorists, but to what end?

Thrown back into the world of international intrigue that he tried to leave behind, Brand must now race against the clock to stop an unknown enemy lurking in the shadows. Will the U.S. President relent under the pressure to end a religious war with a shower of nuclear missiles?

What can one man do to prevent a nuclear catastrophe?

While searching for his missing girlfriend, Brand Coldstream uncovers a plot aimed at ending the centuries old battle between Christians and Muslims. Racing against time, Brand straddles both sides of the law in his effort to stop an unknown enemy and their attempts to force the leaders of the free world into a nuclear showdown.


After years of working many interesting jobs and reading thousands of mystery books I decided one cold snowy Alberta winter to add my name to the numerous fiction writers among us. The result was the start of the Brand Coldstream series, not CIA, not MI6 but a genuine Canadian hero.SC Author pic

I’ve spent my life researching such characters; my wife calls it reading but research sounds so much better. A series about an average Canadian guy who just happens to have retired from CSIS, The Canadian Security Intelligence Service and now spends his time as a fishing guide. Oh yeah. Did I mention he keeps getting rousted from retirement to take on the evils of the world? More interesting then a book about which flies he’s tying and which rivers occupy his time.

I was born in Northeastern Alberta and have lived in this beautiful province all my life. I started reading at an early age and must have read every superhero comic I could find when I was young. From there I graduated to Louis L’amour and Sherlock Holmes then came the great mystery books. Along the way I often wondered why there was never a Canadian version to match the thrilling books from other countries. Thus an idea was born. I have now released my second book in the Coldstream series and the third book is in editing.

To go along with the Brand Coldstream books I am currently writing my second sci-fi thriller online, “Climate Wars”. It appears on my blog with a new chapter appearing every week. The blog story is the second such. The first one “The Ice Racer” is complete and I am currently editing it for an E-book release.

To go with my reading fixation I am very fond of music. No genre specific just great music of which I have a very good collection. And fly-fishing. A passion I developed when I moved to southern Alberta some 20 odd years ago, walking and wading the numerous rivers and lakes in the region.

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