My Week in Review and Writing Links

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! Last week, we had a lovely relaxing time away, and apart from the first weekend, we got lucky on the weather. Below is a picture I took while day-visiting Dartmouth.

I’ve had a tired but productive week and have finished a 5000 word short story. I also have the beginnings of a novel, but that will be a slow work project, not a 15-day one this time, lol. Slow and steady is my motto at the moment. My plan is to do a bit on the novel while also writing flash fiction and short stories. The Switch is on hold but not forgotten. That’s another one of my many pots simmering on the back burner. This week’s quote seemed perfect for me, as I am learning new writing techniques. We’re never too old to learn! And, joy of joy, I have tons of ideas percolating away. It’s just getting the time to write them all down! 🙂 

That’s it from me for now. Here are this week’s writing links:


A New Kind of Tension by C. S. Boyack

8 Ways Scrivener Assists Writers by P.H. Solomon

Five Things Every Writer Should Have by Mae Clair



Occupation Thesaurus Entry: Pilot from Writers Helping Writers

Occupation Thesaurus Entry: Babysitter from Writers Helping Writers

Capturing Complex Emotion: A Writer’s Superpower from Writers Helping Writers

Plotting a Novel When You Haven’t Figured Out the Details Yet by Janice Hardy from Romance University

Author LynDee Walker Talks Dialogue from Romance University

Writing a Deep Point of View Like a Pro: A Checklist by Lisa Hall-Wilson from Writers in the Storm

Why the Amazon Bookstore has the Monopoly on Book Sales from Just Publishing Advice


Story Empire (Co-authored)

Harmony’s Amazon Author Page

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sally cronin

Sounds like a lovely week Harmony.. very fond of that part of the country…and it sounds like the writing muse is with you but also enjoying some relaxation too…hugsx

Jan Sikes

Sounds like a great week, Harmony! Congrats on finishing the short and how exciting to have so many ideas percolating. Ah, the life of a writer. I like your motto = slow and steady. I am going to try that. 🙂

D.L. Finn

That quote is so true Harmony! I love your picture from Dartmouth. I love when the ideas are free flowing:) Have a great weekend.

Staci Troilo

Your vacation sounds lovely. The photo is idyllic. But I’m glad you’re back with us!

Thanks for the links. And good luck with the WIPs. Slow-and-steady sounds like a great plan.

Joan Hall

Lovely photo, Harmony. Looks like you had a great week. Wishing you all the best for your writing projects.

john howell

Happy weekend, Harmony

Mae Clair

It looks like you had a beautiful day in Dartmouth, Harmony.
Congrats on finishing the short story and also on the start of the new novel. I’m still excited about the premise of The Switch and will be looking forward to that one too, when you’re ready to release it.
Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!