My Week in Review and Writing Links

Hello everyone. Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a good week this week. Once again, I’ve had a fairly eclectic time of it with knitting projects, wedding projects, and writing, as well as making sure I get some reading time in. I’ve also done a bit of Google searching for bamboo weapons, lol. This week’s quote amused the heck out of me, and I found the perfect image to go with it on Pixabay. I love Pixabay!

On Wednesday, my other half and I  had a day off together. We also had a moment ‘When DIY goes wrong’ …

My fiancé came in and asked, ‘Have you seen the new artwork outside?’

I hadn’t …


1. We’re still getting married

2. The pot was nearly empty

3. It’s not gloss paint but exterior wall paint, so the power washer returned the fairly new tarmac back to black (with a bit of effort)

4. This mishap gives me oodles of wind-up credits with my fiancé … a rare thing!

5.Oh, and only the paint pot slipped, not my fella … I suppose I ought to have put that at the top of the list! *he he he*

6. Warped as I am, this made my day … when I shared that little gem with Paul, he gave me a grim-faced ‘thanks’, but he did have a smile behind his eyes … after all, we do share the same kind of humour. And he even waited before starting the power washer so that I could take this pic!


On another–more serious–note, I’m now on Bookbub. I’d love for you to follow me on there. You’ll find the big red button on my side bar. Please do click on it 🙂 Here’s my writing links for this week, have a good weekend …


The Other Path by C. S. Boyack

The Importance of Subscriber List Maintenance by P.H. Solomon




How to Focus on Your Story’s DNA by Jenny Hanson from Writers in the Storm

Occupation Thesaurus: Parole Officer by Angela Ackerman from Writers Helping Writers

What is RSS Feed? It is Old Tech But Still Useful from Just Publishing Advice

The Ins and Outs of Internal Dialogue by Lori Freeland from Writers in the Storm

Why You Should Pull Out the Manuscript from Under Your Bed by Kelsey Browning from Romance University

The Art of Skipping Around or Writing Out of Sequence from Writers Helping Writers

3 Ways to Search in Scrivener by Gwen Hernandez from Writers in the Storm

Our Books were Banned for No Reason by Adam Rowe, Forbes, via Don Massenzio via Nicholas Rossis’ blog

How to Select the Best Amazon Book Categories for your Book from Just Publishing Advice

Story Empire (Co-authored)

Harmony’s Amazon Author Page

Twitter: @harmony_kent

LinkedIn: Harmony

Goodreads: Author Page

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Jan Sikes

The old saying, “All’s well that ends well,” comes to mind, Harmony. So glad no one was hurt. I’ve followed you on BookBub.

D.L. Finn

Why I’m not a fan of ladder painting! Perfect quote, too.

Staci Troilo

So glad the biggest boo-boo was the paint on the ground and not Paul.

Love the quote, Harmony. And great links.

Happy weekend!

CS Boyack

Glad there wasn’t a serious accident. Bamboo weapons sound like worthy research.

Joan Hall

Love the graphic. And it’s so true! Glad Paul was okay and the mishap wasn’t worse than it was.

John howell

My goodness. That could have gone in a different direction. Good thing your guy hung on.