Monday Musings Part Twenty-four: One Step

Monday Musings BannerOne Step


In our previous Musings, we have looked at many topics. What they all come down to is letting go and moving on from a place of acceptance and stillness. A place of not putting ourselves (our conditioning) in the way. Some of them approach this from the negative side while others come from the positive. The path we take isn’t so important. What does matter is that we take that first step, time and time again.

We don’t learn by doing things, but by reflecting upon what we’ve done and the way we’ve done it.

In any given moment, two options provide us with constant companionship:

Step forward into growth


Step backward into safety.

As we have seen already, change is inevitable. It is the only thing that is forever. Change is the only thing that doesn’t change. So, no matter how much we might want to cling to safety, it will prove an impossibility. Either we let go, or we get dragged. I know which I’d prefer.Zen Stones for Monday Musings

Often, the path seems long and hard and overwhelming. When that happens, we’re looking at it all wrong. We’re attempting to climb the whole mountain in one mighty step. That will never work. Of course, all we need do is to take that first small step. Just one step at a time.

Given that we have to make a move, regardless of whether we want to or not, then doesn’t it make more sense to move forward rather than back? To grow through life rather than just go through?

And, while we’re moving forward, why not learn as much as possible along the way? Every journey has a stopping point. And the longer journeys hold many, as we have to rest before we can begin again. Such stopping points provide a great opportunity for quiet reflection upon how we got to where we are and the best way forward.

At such times of looking back, we have to take care not to get lost and take a trip down memory lane. Again, all we need is to see what’s passed, and not judge it or do anything else with it. The idea is that what’s in the rear-view can help us navigate what lies ahead.

While some planning is essential, as is awareness, flexibility remains paramount. It’s no good trying to stay on the same path in the face of an obvious landslide. Constant adaptation is key. To grow, we have to leave the train tracks far behind and forge our own path.

In the wise words of Zen:

 ‘Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.’

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