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Hello everyone! It gives me pleasure today to host author Alli Sinclair and her Women’s Fiction novel, Midnight Serenade. Alli will be awarding a digital copy of Midnight Serenade to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour. For her other tour stops, and more chances to win, please click on the banner above 🙂

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On the sultry streets of Buenos Aires, the daughter of a world class tango diva searches for answers about the mother who abandoned her—and uncovers decades of lies and deception…

After twenty years of wondering why her mother chose the tango over her, Dani McKenna finally travels to Argentina. What was it about this beautiful, mysterious land that enticed one woman away from her own child—and broke another’s heart? As a journalist, Dani may have the opportunity to find out. And an enigmatic tango dancer may hold the key to her quest—if she can break down his defensive walls.

Carlos Escudero had been Dani’s mother’s protégé. Tragedy ended his career and he refuses to be interviewed. But he will give Dani some insights, on one condition: she must agree to his tango lessons. As the two begin the intricate dance of passion, Dani’s quiet, logical world is exchanged for one of music, motion—and mystery. For the clues to a tango legend’s murder may lead Dani to the truth about the past and its impact on her family—and free her to move toward a future she can claim as her own at last…

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She narrowed her eyes at the ancient lift cage. No matter how many times she chastised herself, Dani found it impossible to enter one of these boxes without being slammed by the memory of the last fiery argument between her parents. No child wants to witness such venom, especially from her own flesh and blood. She planted her foot on the marble steps, even though her mind tried to convince her that dashing out the door, sight unseen, was the best option. Perhaps it would be better if she knew nothing about Iris, as the truth had the potential to rip Dani’s heart out. As much as she tried to deny it, though, the stars had aligned and Dani’s arrival in Argentina offered the perfect chance to build her career and heal old wounds—or make them deeper.

About the Author:

Since taking her first steps, Alli Sinclair discovered her love for dance in musical theatre, ballet, baton twirling, and rhythmic gymnastics. For more than two decades she performed on stage, winning many national competitions. Alli has also trained in traditional dances, such as Russian, Irish, and Spanish (flamenco). The cultural aspects of dance inspired Alli to travel the world to experience dances in their native environment. Her travels ultimately led her to Argentina, where she fell in love with tango and the seeds for The Dance Card Series were sown. Alli’s stories combine a love of dance, history, and culture, taking readers on a journey to exotic destinations filled with romance and mystery.Author Midnight Serenade







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