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Sometimes white magic can turn dark. Even with the best intentions.

When Angelica placed a protective curse over her granddaughter, Nancy, in a bid to keep her safe from society and her own powers until she was old enough to understand, she had no idea of the consequences.

It’s October 31st, and a grown-up Nancy is holding her annual Halloween party. Only this year she strays away from her traditional festivities that include her famous Halloween punch, and dancing to the Monster Mash, and opts for a spookier night. She will be holding a séance with the help of her friends and her new Ouija board. Little does she know that the protective curse her grandmother secretly cast over twenty-seven years ago is lifted tonight, and her true powers are finally presented to her.

A spirit is summoned. But only time will tell just who he really is.

Never Say Goodbye Final Cover

My Review


I received a FREE Advanced Review PDF copy of this book from the author in exchange for an HONEST review.

Never Say Goodbye is a short read of about 30 pages, which makes it hard to review without putting in spoilers. When Nancy was but a young girl, her grandmother (a white witch) put a protective spell on her. Little did either of them know how things would turn out when Nancy came of age. One halloween, Nancy dispenses with her usual humorous halloween party set up, and instead, goes for the serious spookiness of an Ouija board.

The narrative is written in present tense. The characters are well defined, especially for such a short story, and you are left wanting more. I finished this read with more questions than I started with, but all in a good way, and I can’t wait for the next instalment. The suspense is high, as is the heat … this is a steamy little read.

It gets 4 stars from me, and is well worth a look 🙂


“Is there anyone there who wishes to make contact with us?”

They all stare; mesmerized by the piece of wood and the hope that something might just happen. The kitchen door creaks and then pushes open. Lucy screams. Everybody, including the men, jump up off their chairs and head sharpish for the other end of the room.

With every hair on her body stood to panicked attention, Nancy tries to open the lounge door with her trembling hands… until she realises what’s happened when she notices her cat strolling in like he owns the place.

It prompts the gang to burst out into laughter, breaking the onset of tension. Eventually, they manage to compose themselves, all admitting out loud that this Ouija lark is actually quite fun and, hey, they should try to really contact someone. This time with the doors closed, so no cats can further impede.

Making their way back to the table, Nancy scoops up Salem. Bending over and shooing her little friend off out the door, Nancy feels inappropriate eyes burning holes through her dress.

Twisting her head to see who is looking, she’s surprised that not a single one of them is peeking her way. And yet… the feeling of being watched still lingers. Straightening her chair back up from the panic before, she notices that the scent of the air has changed; it smells unfamiliar, musky, and manly. The flames of the candles are flickering more aggressively, as if there were a window open. Putting it down to James’s aftershave and the fact that they all just ran across the room, she takes her seat back at the head of the table and they start again.

“Is there anyone there?” Nancy asks, her fingers back on the wooden heart. They’re left hanging again, so she dashes to the kitchen to get the instruction booklet. Opening the cutlery drawer, that being watched feeling appears again and a cold breeze strokes the back of her bare neck. It sends shivers through her entire body. Snatching up the booklet, she darts back to the safety of her friends.


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C.A.Bell was born and raised on the outskirts of London, England, but for the past three years has resided in a much more rural town of Shropshire, where she married and made a home.

She is author to many erotic fiction stories, including The Architect, Never Say Goodbye (Nancy’s Curse Book1), Reverend James Ashworth, You Get What You Pay For, Seducing the Jury, and many more. As well as writing her own books, contributing to anthologies and online magazines, she also writes poetry and has a collection of her own entitled BDSM.

Currently she is working on the follow-on book to The Architect, book two of Nancy’s curse, and a novel which she started a while ago.

In-between writing and running a busy household C.A.Bell also promotes other erotic authors on her site, Bell, Book and Erotica.