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This Was Your Life

Hi everyone. I’ve written short story (3000 words) called This Was Your Life for Vocal’s The Mystery Box Challenge.

Vocal says, “The key to the Mystery Box Challenge is to capture a sense of mystery. How does the arrival of something unexpected change the course of one’s day? What is the true motive of the package’s sender? We can’t wait to see how you think outside the box.”

Due to health issues, and getting sidetracked by Vocal’s Haiku and Aquarium challenges (lols), it took me about two weeks to get this finished, so it ended up becoming a bit of a labour of love. I had fun writing this story and hope you enjoy the read!

Perspex skull showing blood vessels. Glass wall behind with person walking past.
Photo by jesse orrico on Unsplash

You can find my short story HERE.

I’d love to know what you think! And I would be delighted if you could read and heart. To heart and/or comment, you’ll need to sign in to Vocal, which is free to do.

Thanks for all your support! Hugs 🤗💕🙂 

18 Comments on “Harmony is Vocal! #ShortStory: This Was Your Life in @Vocal_Creators #Fiction #challenge #ReadersofTwitter

  1. That was a gripping and creepy story, Harmony, wow. Well worth the effort. Memories are precious, so I know what I’d choose. I hope all works out well for Ellie.

    • So delighted you enjoyed the story! Yep, those memories are so precious. Thanks, Diana 💕🙂

  2. Masterful story, Harmony. It held me from beginning to end. Bravo! 🎉 I loved it! 🤗