Harmony is Vocal! #ShortStory: Perspective and a #Haiku in @Vocal_Creators #Fiction and #Poetry #challenge #WritingCommunity

Good luck? Bad luck? Who knows?

Hi everyone. I’ve written short story (1430 words) called Perspective, and another Haiku poem, Turmoil, for Vocal’s The Aquarium and High-ku Challenges.

You can find my short story HERE Young girl in front of aquarium


Volcanic lava flows and mistsand my new Haiku HERE.





At 17 syllables for the Haiku, and just 1430 words on the fiction piece, they’re nice short reads 😁 I’d love to know what you think! And I would be delighted if you could read and heart. To heart and/or comment, you’ll need to sign in to Vocal, which is free to do.

Thanks for all your support! Hugs 🤗💕🙂 

16 Comments on “Harmony is Vocal! #ShortStory: Perspective and a #Haiku in @Vocal_Creators #Fiction and #Poetry #challenge #WritingCommunity

  1. Wow, Harmony! You outdid yourself with the story. What a way for justice to be served! The Haiku is powerful! Great pieces! Congrats!