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Inspired by the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water …

Hi everyone. I’ve written 6 … ahem, yes, 6 … poems for Vocal’s Quadru-Haiku Challenge. Vocal’s criteria for this Haiku challenge is simply a 5-7-5 syllable format without any of the usual rigid requirements of nature, etc. The poet can use one, any, or all of these elements.

You can find my poems below …


1.  Domestic Violence HERE





2. Topsy-Turvy HERE 







3. Inflamed HERE





4. Nature’s Way HERE





5. Born to Die HERE





6. Wildfire HERE






At 17 syllables each, they’re nice and short 😁 I’d love to know what you think! And I would be delighted if you could read and heart … even just one or two! To heart and/or comment, you’ll need to sign in to Vocal, which is free to do.

Thanks for all your support! Hugs 🤗💕🙂 

30 Comments on “Harmony is Vocal! #Haiku in @Vocal_Creators #Poetry four elements #challenge #WritingCommunity #poetsoftwitter #poetrylovers

  1. Harmony, I always find your poetry so evocative and full of feelings. I loved them all. I’m sorry I still have problems being able to heart or comment on that site. Hugs xox

  2. Harmony, your haiku “Domestic Violence” encapsulated so much within such a short length. That shows your true talent for writing, as expressing a message in limited text is hard to do!

    • Thanks so much, Christy! Greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs 💕🙂

  3. I hearted and shared them all, Harmony. As always, your poetry is powerful and heartfelt. My favorite is Nature, followed by Wildfire.

  4. I love them all, Harmony, but I think Wildfire struck me the hardest. Very well done! I commented and shared!