Harmony is Vocal again! The First Dragons of Kawn @Vocal_Creators #WritingCommunity #ReadingCommunity

Large dragon with Amber eyes
Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Hi everyone. Exciting news today! After my amazing first-place win on the Vocal platform, I’ve written a fictional piece for the Fantasy Prologue competition. This is based on the opening line, There weren’t always dragons in the valley. The story is entitled: The First Dragons of Kawnand is roughly 3,000 words long. 

I’d love to know what you think! And would be delighted if you could read my competition entry HERE and leave a like. To like, you’ll need to sign in to Vocal, which is free to do. In the event of a tiebreaker, all reads and likes will be taken into account. Your support would be gratefully received.  I’m super buzzed at having written a bit of fiction again! Between this and poetry, I’m hoping my mojo is back for a bit.

Thanks, everyone! Hugs 🤗💕🙂



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  1. I enjoyed this story, Harmony. The rain, egg, and disease descriptions are so poetic, and I felt sorry for Emma and was cheering on the protagonist. Great fun!

    • Thanks so much, Gwen! And I’m so grateful for your tip! Hugs 💕🙂