Happy Harmony Update! #Health #Amputee #Rehab #chronicpain

Hi everyone!

As many of you will have noticed, I was AWOL yesterday.

I had a very good reason … and here’s a ‘little’ clue:

Harmony's new prosthetic leg with purple glittery butterflies

The rehab is going to take a while, but getting out of the wheelchair even for a few minutes now and then is fantastic! I’m so happy. The Fentanyl pain patches are helping immensely, though the walking will remain painful until my muscle strength rebuilds. However, the meds lessen that so I can plug away at it, carefully. Here’s where patience and common sense kick in.

On a less happy note, we haven’t found anything to help with the bouts of fatigue. BUT … less pain and more sleep = more energy for sure. The pain patches keep me on the dopey side, so I have to double check everything I do.

In summary, I feel as though I’m finally getting back on my feet … pun intended 😉

Aaaannd, in even better news, I’m writing again. Except for when life gets in the way, I’m offline completely every Tuesday and Thursday and dedicating those days to writing. This week has knocked that on its head, but I fully intend to hit my stride again next week.

So, apart from the wonderful daily Bad Moon Rising posts, our thrice weekly Story Empire posts, and the exciting release days for the marvellous Harbor Pointe book release days, I’ll still be quiet and not around as much as I used to be, but for happier reasons.

Thank you all for sticking with me throughout all of this and as it continues. You mean so much and make it all worthwhile. Hugs 🤗💕😊🦋

34 Comments on “Happy Harmony Update! #Health #Amputee #Rehab #chronicpain

  1. I’m so happy to hear this news for you Harmony. You go girl. In the long run you will feel even better as you get stronger. Hugs <3

  2. Yay! Progress is progress. Good for you, Harmony. Hopefully, the fatigue will come under control as well. I hear the energy and the smiles in your post. Sending healing thought and prayers! 💕

    • Thanks so much, Diana! I’m scared of falling over but otherwise much happier 🤗💕🙂

  3. Harmony, I am so pleased there has been some progress. I hope each day you feel better and better. Meanwhile, it’s okay to do less than you were. I hope you are up and about soon. xoxo

    • Thanks so much, Kymber. I hate how many of your posts of late I’ve missed! I’ll get there. Huge hugs 🤗💕🙂

  4. Yay for being VERTICAL again, Harmony, even in small doses. I know that over time, you will grow stronger and the pain will become weaker, and Life will be more enjoyable again. And by golly, you DESERVE it, my friend! Huge hugs, and best wishes for rapid progress! 🤗❤️🤗❤️🤗

    • Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You know what it’s like, too, my friend. Keeping you in my thoughts as well. Hugs and love 🤗💕🙂

  5. Great news, Harmony. And that you’re writing again. Good to hear you aren’t as reliant on your wheelchair. That must be an uplifting feeling. Hugs

    • It’s such a good feeling. Still need it mostly but, as you say, not totally reliant now. Thanks, Vivienne. Hugs 🤗💕🙂

  6. Hi Harmony
    Be sure we’ll all stick around – your friends care about you!
    This time, we have something to celebrate. I know how much you want to be freer from your wheelchair, but the best news is less pain means more sleep. 🙂
    Love and hugs, Sarah xx

  7. So happy to know you’re getting some relief from the pain at last. I hope you’ll be up and about fully soon. Take greatcare of yourself.
    Massive Hugs

  8. This is wonderful to hear, Harmony. I’m glad to hear you’re getting up out of your wheelchair, and I’m glad to hear you’re writing. Woohoo!

    • Thanks so much, Vera! It’s early days but a definite good start. This isn’t my first rehab trip, so I’m prepared for set backs and some leaps forward 💕🙂