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Hi everyone. Today I have a book review for you from an author new to me, who I discovered via BookRoar, Ellie Sabine. This is a romance read with a twist. Here’s my review >>>

About the Book:

Betsy’s marriage is slipping away from her, so she’s decided to push up her sleeves, don her high heels and steely determination, and set to work on a steamy thirty-day stay and fight for your man plan. But she’s fighting more than she realizes. When Betsy’s handed a magic ring and the unbelievable happens, she’s thrown into the past and given the opportunity to make things right.

Strap on your high heels, buckle your seatbelt, and hold on tight because When I Save Us is a roller coaster ride!

This heartwarming novella is a quick, unputdownable read, but it deals with some heavy topics.

**This story is based off of Ellie Sabine’s previous novel, Thirty Heels to a New Marriage.**


My Review:


A romance read with a daring difference

‘… the longer I stay with David, the more my soul seems to be withering up, and I don’t know how much fight I have left in me.’ … this line from the end of Chapter One says it all. The book begins with the main character, Betsy, coming up with three options regarding what to do about the sad and deteriorating state of her marriage.

The first half of the book is your usual fighting for love romance read with a heart-wrenching revelation about the reason for her husband’s withdrawal. At the 54% mark, however, be prepared for a huge mental shift, as the narrative makes a complete change from here on. I won’t say anything further to avoid spoilers. What I will say, though, is keep going–it’s more than worth it.

While the writing suffers in places from overuse of some words such as ‘practically’ and ‘very’, etc., and the repetition of the same word rather than finding another way of saying it, on the whole I found this to be an entertaining and enjoyable read, which held my attention throughout. Some phrasing is just so awesomely done, and I loved the humour and sass which weaves through these words.

Here are some lines I loved …

‘Do you think it’s better to be miserable and alone or miserable and with someone else but still alone?’ … Mmm, a question many of us have grappled with at some point in our lives and so relevant!

And …

‘… gold, strappy stilettos that make my soul happy even if by the end of the night my feet will be sobbing.’ … Here’s some of that humour I mentioned.

And …

‘By two o’clock, I’ve changed my attitude and my clothes a good ten or twenty times.’

With a bit of polishing, When I Save Us, by Ellie Sabine would get a solid five stars. As it is, the storyline and its possible outcomes kept me hooked, and I pulled an all-nighter to finish this book. If you enjoy romance, and can take a teensy bit of time travel and mystery, you’ll love this read. It gets a strong four stars from me. Go read this book! For sure, I’ll be reading more of this author’s works.


NOTE ON RATINGS: I consider a 3-star rating a positive review. Picky about which books I give 5 stars to, I reserve this highest rating for the stories I find stunning and which moved me.

4 STARS: I WOULD PULL AN ALL-NIGHTER — Go read this book.
3 STARS: IT WAS GOOD! — An okay read. Didn’t love it. Didn’t hate it.
2 STARS: I MAY HAVE LIKED A FEW THINGS —Lacking in some areas: writing, characterisation, and/or problematic plot lines.
1 STAR: NOT MY CUP OF TEA —Lots of issues with this book.

For anyone interested, here are the Amazon links …

UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08B8BDLW1/

US https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08B8BDLW1/

I’d love to hear what you think of this review. Thanks for stopping by 🙂 


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  1. Hi Harmony, ‘Do you think it’s better to be miserable and alone or miserable and with someone else but still alone?’ that is a very interesting line and question. A great review.

  2. I want to know what happens halfway through 😉 It sounds like a read where you don’t see everything that’s coming – and I like that in a book 📚

  3. Great review, Harmony! Sounds like a good one even with some small issues.

  4. Your review sans spoilers leaves so much unanswered which can be dealt with by reading the book, which was your iintention. HAVING GIVEN IT A STRONG 4 STARS we know thatthge effort will be worth it.Thank you for leaving so much to the reader’s effort and for encouraging that effort to be made. I’m sure it will prove worth it.
    Hugs Galore Harmony.