#amwriting: Finding Katie, Day 5

Typed-WriterDay Five:

Today, you get another bonus, seeing as we’ve missed a couple of days 🙂

I’m showing a sneak peek to a whole page again, instead of the first line.

These are unedited first drafts you’re reading 🙂

Are you ready? …

… “BOO!” I yell, just for the hell of it.

They both jump. Too funny. Sure beats morning TV.


Hours later, Melanie flops down into the chair at the foot of the bed. An exasperated sigh draws my eyes to her. All I get is a hard stare. Then she rubs at her already mussed hair.

“What the hell, Kate?”

I look away, back at the TV.

Melanie snatches the remote and hits standby. I stare at the black screen instead. She slams the remote onto the table. I stare at the screen.

“You’re being discharged.”

That gets my attention. Startles me into looking at her. Just for a second. Then I go back to the TV. Too late, though—she saw. I shouldn’t ‘ave reacted at all. Now who’s the daft cow?


I shrug and stare at the screen.

“Don’t you care what happens to you?” …

©2015 Harmony Kent


Word Count so far: 20814 … a little behind the schedule I set for myself, but I blame the bad weather we’ve been having … computer has needed to be switched off, LOL.