#amwriting: Finding Katie, Day 4

cbsntype_main_Full_xlargeDay Four:

Today, you get a bonus. I’m showing a sneak peek to a whole page, not just the first line.

Are you ready?

We head for the dining room in silence.

I got away with it.

Becky and I sit together at the table, and I keep up a stream of banter—anything to hide how I’m feelin’. I need to find something, and soon, but I really want to go on the trip tomorrow. Gawd, why do they have to make it so tough?

It’s not like I want to hurt myself, well … you know, not like, hurt hurt. Just a bit of a scratch will do it. That’s all. Just a bit of distraction, to keep me going. I don’t want to lose it like I did the other day.

Dinner is awful. It’s s’posed to be veggie lasagne, but I don’t recognise it. The unappetising mush covers my plate, and I push my fork around aimlessly.

Afterward, Amanda—the nurse in charge—takes me down to the clinic. I know what’s coming. Guess I didn’t fool Sally after all. Sure enough, she checks me all over for marks or cuts or bruises. And I mean all over. Freak.

Mel would’ve been nicer about it. Roll on Monday.

“Happy now?” I ask, all stony-faced and hard-eyed.

“Mmmm.” Is all I get from her.”

Words written so far: 19861.


©2015 Harmony Kent