#amwriting: Finding Katie, Day 3

write-meme-300x225Last year, I let myself get too busy to write much. On new year’s day, I sat down and wrote. It felt good. 🙂 I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed making stuff up.

Anyway, except for the days I have other posts up, my aim is to post the first line of each page from my newest book, FINDING KATIE.

So,watch this space! You’ll get sneak peeks, news, and release info.

See if you can guess what the book’s about as we go along!

Day Three:

“Fast as I can, I snatch off the wires and stumble for the door.”

Day Two:

“I stop moving and hold my breath.”


Day One:


“The nurse is asleep in the chair.”


Words written so far: 17912.

©2015 Harmony Kent