#TwoferTuesday No. 2 – #BookSale – ALL My Novels!

Hi everyone. I’ve been quiet just lately, and for that you have my apologies. However, I couldn’t miss sharing this fabulous deal with you all. Fellow author and online buddy Marcia Meara is offering all of her books … yes, ALL of them! … at discounted prices. If you’re looking for a new read, hop on over to her place and check it out >>>

Just want to let the Immediate World know all of my full-length novels are on sale from now until April 30! Yep! ALL. Of them. 🙂 Here’s the breakdown: Book 1 of each of my series is always p…

Source: #TwoferTuesday No. 2 – #BookSale – ALL My Novels!

6 Comments on “#TwoferTuesday No. 2 – #BookSale – ALL My Novels!

  1. Thanks so much for passing along the news of my sale, Harmony! I hope some of your followers will welcome a few new books at bargain prices to help pass the time during this extended home vacation we are going through. Maybe they’ll make some new friends in the North Carolina mountains or that sleepy little Florida town I write about. 😀 I appreciate your support, my friend! 😀 <3

  2. Thank you, Harmony. I’ve just purchased one of her books and look forward to the read. I hope you are doing well through all the coronavirus challenges. ♥

    • Thanks, Gwen. My breathing is up and down, and I think it’s mostly heavy hay fever this season. I hope you’re well too, honey 🙂