The Darkest of Suns Will Rise

Brand new book from Author Brian Sfinas! And, folks, this is one not to be missed 🙂

My Review:

This novel is set two-hundred years in the future and is written in a journalistic format. With this writer, every word counts, and he leaves you clues all over … so you have to be alert for them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and it gave me a good dose of sci-fi and mystery all rolled into one. Mankind has come into contact with a pacifist Alien race know as the Prognosticate, and they are able to read our brain patterns. Not everybody wants to work with them, or with the AEN (Alliance of Earthly Nations), and the Orphanage is born … a loosely-knit group of terrorist cells who are all about sabotaging both the AEN and humankind’s Alliance with the Prog. This is one of those reads that keeps you turning the pages and has you greedily devouring every line. A strong 5 stars from me.


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Two hundred years in our future, mankind has made contact with a nigh-omniscient, pacifistic alien race known as The Prognosticate. With the help of these extraterrestrial visitors we have been able to solve the problems of overpopulation and disease. The Earth is recovering from our impact and our civilization is in a state of prosperity, united under the Alliance of Earthly Nations. Peace, however, is not in our nature. 

The Darkest of Suns Will Rise tells the story of Aiden DeCaro and Clarissa Blue, the captain of a near-Earth defense ship and his damaged counterpart. The Orphanage, a loose collection of terrorist cells populated with religious zealots, destroys a merchant vessel while it moves through an AEN-protected trade route. Aiden’s ship is the closest to the incident when it happens and when it’s discovered that the Orphans are using Alliance military codes to nullify observation satellites and intercept civilian ships undetected, eyes turn toward Aiden.

About the Author:

Brian Sfinas is an author, musician, and artist. His novel, The Sexual Adventures of Time and Space, won the AI Seal of Excellence for Outstanding Independent Fiction and was selected for Compulsion Reads’ Irresistible Collection. When he’s not challenging random strangers to battle raps, he can usually be found binge-watching Netflix from his couch in the frozen tundra of Boston’s suburbs.

You can learn more about his work at

Amazon Link If you’re interested in buying the book!

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Lisa Mauro

Thanks Harmony! This was a fabulous book and I also gave it 5 stars as well!

Joy Lo-Bamijoko

What a great support from Harmony, Brian. Now everyone will want to read this book, I included. Well done and congrats.