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Hi everyone! 🙂

Today, I’ve joined Colleen’s weekly TankaTuesday challenge, which asks for any syllabic form based on “Taste the rainbow—colour poetry”. The colour is “Green”. 

Colleen gave us some extras too … “You’ll receive bonus points if you don’t use the name: green. You’ll also receive bonus points if you can also incorporate a different meaning for the word green in your poem.”

You can find Colleen’s post HERE.

I’ve chosen a Tanka this week. This is the first time I’ve written a Tanka, as far as I can remember! Tanka have a syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7 for each of the five lines. Tanka are not titled and do not rhyme. They are usually written in first person and have a pivot on line three, but as per Colleen’s cheat sheet, this is optional and can happen anywhere if at all.

my blue-and-yellow’s

land no longer the colour 

made when mixed—now stained

with the blood of aggressors

verdant, crushed—vilified troops


I’ve had fun with a play on words with the two meanings of “Verdant” for both vegetation and unripe in experience or judgement. See the dictionary definition below:

Dictionary definitions of verdant

I hope you enjoyed this Tanka, which is a tribute to Ukraine and the atrocities being committed there.


**I meant to add that many of the Russian troops are conscripted and young and were told they were simply doing exercises. Also that the Ukrainians wanted their help. So many are horrified and scared themselves. And have been betrayed by Putin. Another reason for the “unripe” use of Verdant.**


Have a lovely day! 🙂


© Harmony Kent 2022


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so deep and cleverly written.


This is a beautiful poem, Harmony. Its poignancy is so in tune with the horrific events taking place in Ukraine.

ben Alexander

I really smiled at that first line, Harmony – that was so clever! 😀


Colleen Chesebro

Harmony, this is a fabulous tanka! You chose some great words to drive home your message. The war in Ukraine affects many of us. I think Putin has lost it. Trying to reunify the USSR at this late stage is futile. I only hope we can shut him down before WWIII intensifies. <3

D. Avery

Wow. Yes, this is a powerful and sad tanka. The land and people “stained “by these events. And to be attacked in spring time, planting time…


So sad from every angle.


Wow! Very timely given the current situation in Ukraine. Well done, Harmony!

Priscilla Bettis

It’s a heartbreaking poem, so well done, Harmony.

D.L. Finn

I love how you tied in the colors with the war, Harmony. Such a moving poem— Well done! I found the word verdant too and think it’s one I’ll be using more of going forward.

Jan Sikes

Truly outstanding, Harmony!

john howell

A wonderful poem, Harmony. The situation in Ukraine is beyond horrible. I couldn’t help but be touched when the texts of a dead Russian soldier showed he had no idea what he was doing in Ukraine. Putin is a criminal.

Yvette M Calleiro

Your Tanka is beautiful and powerful, Harmony. My heart breaks for the Ukrainians and for those who have had their peace shattered. :'(

Gwen Plano

This is powerful writing, Harmony. I love your tanka. You’ve captured our collective horror at what is happening to the people of Ukraine. May it all end soon. 💗

Staci Troilo

Such a poignant message given the current climate, Harmony. Thank you for sharing this.

Annette R Aben

God Bless us, everyone

Marcia Meara

I’m always so impressed that you folks who write these structured little poems can paint such vivid pictures with so few words. (Something I’ve never mastered, alas.) This is perfect, Harmony, and VERY “green.” (Though not in the inexperienced way. 😄 ) Well done, my friend, as usual!