Supporting Authors … Two reviews …

Two great books! 

First up: 


by Heather Letto



I read this cover to cover in one sitting. I bought it ages and ages ago, and finally got to reading it! I didn’t follow my usual evening routine and switch on the TV, as this book had me hooked. And, I didn’t go to sleep until I’d finished it, LOL.

IMPERVIOUS is a dystopian fictional novel, which would also fit in YA Dystopian. BUT: this is a fantastic read for all dystopian fans, whether they are young or … er … that bit older!

Impervious is an underground city, so named because it was “impervious” to radiation, following the nuclear attack. It’s residents live a decadent life, but one that is overshadowed. An unknown illness has shortened life expectancy drastically … and it is more sinister than anyone really knows. Fran lives off-the-grid: that is, she is not “Accountable”, and hides in the venting ducts so she can avoid detection by the holographs and RITs. Then she makes a life-changing discovery …

I purchased this book after coming across the author in Rave Reviews Book Club, and I am so pleased I have discovered her. I will definitely be reading more of her books. Sure, there are a few typos, but nothing major. Not enough to put me off or drop the rating. This is good writing. It’s not that often anymore that I come across a book that won’t let me close it for the night.

If you enjoy dystopian fiction, you will love this book! A resounding FIVE stars from me.


Next up:

Don’t Water the Marigolds

by James Sinclair


Blank white book w/path

This is a lovely little book written by an author new to fiction. We meet Deidre, an authentic British “little-old-lady” and Kevin, a troubled young lad whose life is all over the place. Circumstances thrust the two together, and we find careful order thrown into chaos. Each of them must make big changes in order to adapt and endure.

The pace of this book is steady. At times it is wrenching, at others heartwarming. It will tug on the heart-strings. The setting is believable and the characters well developed. A great first Novel from a promising new author. This is a nice short book that will appeal to readers of general and women’s fiction alike. If you’re in the mood for an easy read, this is the book for you.