Sneak Peek: The Switch

Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday. I hope you all had a good weekend and your week is going well so far. As promised on Friday’s post, which you can find HERE, today I’m giving a sneak peek from my WIP THE SWITCH. This is from the prologue and is completely unedited as yet. I’d love to know what you think … does it set the mood?

Old Nellie startled awake in the most unpleasant way. Not that nice slow awakening from drowsy to gradual alertness, but the kind that happens all in one go. The sort that leaves you in no doubt that you are not alone in your dark room.

The shadows moved.

The air temperature plummeted.

Working Cover for The Switch, Harmony's current WIP
Working Cover for The Switch

Nellie’s breath smoked in the frosty air.

It can’t be yet, she told herself, heart hammering. It’s too soon. Twister season is months off. Despite this, she couldn’t deny the evidence of her eyes, old and rheumy as they were. A dull ache settled in the middle of her chest and radiated outward, down her left arm. Terror held Nellie in its icy grip.

All she could think of at that moment was her niece, far distant in the UK. She ought to have taken her out of the will. The poor girl didn’t need dragging into this. Aware of her impending death, Nellie clung to the thin hope—already fraying around the edges—that Jody would simply sell the property and keep the money. What reason would the girl have to move all the way out here to Montana? A youngster such as she wouldn’t want to live out in the middle of nowhere like this.

From the corner, dark eyes blinked, and a laugh sounded. The old woman gathered what strength she could and yelled, ‘Be gone! Your time has not come. Leave us in peace.’

A voice filled with gravel rumbled through her mind, causing a rock slide in her brain, ‘I’ve grown stronger. This time, I have no need to wait so long.

The awful words echoed in her skull, the last thing she heard as a devastating hemorrhagic stroke flooded her brain and cut off the oxygen supply. Agony filled the last of her awareness when her weak heart joined in the assault and attacked her.

Cold, cruel laughter boomed around the building, even as death came to claim his latest victim.

© Harmony Kent 2018

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Jan Sikes

Wow, Harmony! That was gripping. And, what a setup. Well-done.

Mae Clair

I’m really looking forward to this one, Harmony. Well done!

john howell

Congratulations, Harmony.

Staci Troilo

Well, that’s the way to set a tone for a story. Dang! Nicely done.

CS Boyack

Dang. Rough way to start the day.