#NewBook: Inferno

Hi everyone. Today, it gives me great pleasure to host All Authors Publishing with the launch of their latest anthology, Inferno, which I am proud to be a part of >>>

Greetings, one and all!


Today is the launch day for our latest Anthology, Inferno: Concordant Vibrancy 4 …


One story has the ingredient of Purpose, brought up by Adonis Mann in “Express-Oh”.


Another looks at Commitment with Carol Cassada’s contribution, “Not Always Like This”.


A firey tale is all about Consequences, and Harmony Kent delved deep into this ingredient with her story, “The Fireman”.


Love is also examined with Beem Weeks’ tale, “The Complications of Fire”.


And we have the ingredient of Reinvention as told by C. Desert Rose’s story, “Calliope’s Inferno”.


In another story, we see that Tenacity is an important ingredient no matter what the circumstance through Y. Correa’s, “Moxy”.


Synful Desire’s, “Antipode” touches on how the ingredient of Risk can be as scolding as any.


Da’Kharta Rising shows us in “The Chronicles of Aidan” how Conviction is as good an ingredient as any to keep the fire roaring.


And last but never-ever least, Queen of Spades indubitably demonstrates how Empathy is the most powerful of ingredients when maintaining our soul’s fire burning in, “The Calefaction of Insight”.


Now that the picture has become clear and Inferno’s stew is bubbling, come serve yourself a bowl. Come get your copy of, “Concordant Vibrancy 4: Inferno”.






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    • It was fun writing this one. I challenged myself to write a timeline that goes backwards. Thanks, Jan πŸ™‚

  1. Harmony, I had no idea you had a story coming out in an anthology. Way to go! This sounds great. I’m going to have to make room on my TBR! πŸ™‚

  2. I have been following Beem’s posts on this anthology, Harmony, it sounds very good. A lovely post.