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Hi everyone. Today, it gives me immense pleasure to have fellow author, Story Empire contributor, and friend, C S Boyack, over to visit. Craig has some fun stuff for us as well as what promises to be a fun new read from his wonderful The Hat series. I’ve read and enjoyed the first two books, and you can find my reviews here … The Hat (Book 1) and Viral Blues (Book 2) … I really must catch up with the rest. I have Good Liniment on my ereader and am eager to get to it. I also need to read book 3 (The Ballad of Mrs Malony) and book 4 (Lunar Boogie), which I’m sure I’ll enjoy. I always love the characters and worlds Craig creates, and his stories have a wonderful thread of humour weaving throughout. Anyway, that’s enough from little ole me … here’s C S Boyack to tell you all about Good Liniment >>>

Thanks for having me back, Harmony.

It’s great to have you back, Craig!

I’m here to talk about Good Liniment. This is the latest volume in The Hat Series. Don’t let the word series scare you away, they were all written as stand-alone titles, and you won’t feel lost if you pick any one of them up.


Today, I want to remind readers these are supposed to be dark humor. While there is blood and death involved, I always try to add corny things to keep them fun. I don’t often touch upon this aspect on my blog tours.


Long-term readers will remember these are the books with silly cartoons inserted along the way. Those will never go away, and there are some in Good Liniment.


Night Bump Radio is also a permanent part of this series. It’s a talk radio show that sometimes delivers a helpful clue, but mostly torments Lizzie about an urban legend that sprang up around her nocturnal activities. Readers seem to love the conspiracy theorists that call into this broadcast, and I go out of my way to keep them absurd.


Lizzie is a California girl at heart who’s living in the Midwest. She has some of that Left Coast mentality, so of course I went out of my way to have her make a huge faux pas when she first meets the local witch’s coven. It made me laugh and I hope it does you, too.


Lizzie’s mother, Star, is an aging hippie woman and I’ve had a lot of fun with her. She isn’t as prominent in this tale, but does make an early appearance.


I like absurd characters, so I included a small bit about Kevin who must be the worst vampire of all time. There’s also a part-goblin woman who used to be a pro wrestler. Then there’s Detlef. This headless horseman has an over-the-top personality that I think readers will love. I have plans to put him in a subsequent story.


This also comes across in specific animals. There’s another post out there about Noodles, who is a magical creature with a ton of fun about him.


While parts of Good Liniment can get pretty grim, there is humor worked into the mix. If this sounds like the story for you, I’d appreciate you checking it out.



book cover for Good Liniment, The Hat Series Book 5 by C S BoyackBlurb


Someone is murdering members of the local witches coven. They turn to Lizzie and the hat for their unique skills that might help eliminate the killers.


A religious zealot might be a monster, but is still a human being. This task isn’t the same as staking vampires or shooting zombies. It isn’t the usual project Lizzie takes on for her night work.


This all takes place during a recovery period for Lizzie. She needs to keep her cover band together and find a new way of getting them gigs. More bands and less venues are making finances tight. The hat didn’t make things easier during her absence, by spreading rumors about why she took her sabbatical.


Someone killing others over a point of view insults Lizzie’s sensibilities. She has secrets to keep. Her employers have secrets, too. It doesn’t make for a comfortable working environment, but she agrees to do what she can.


Convincing her strong willed employers to stay indoors during all this poses another problem. Can she keep them alive long enough to finish her task?


Good Liniment is full of magic, magical creatures, and an entire underground community living amongst us.


The Hat Series consists of short novels that can be read in a single afternoon. They’re full of snarky dark humor and can be easily read out of order.


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  1. I’m behind in this series, but just started hanging with the root monsters again in the last Lanternfish book. I’ll miss those little critters! Thanks for hosting, Harmony!

    • I’m so excited. I’d love to know what you think about Lanternfish. Thanks, Teri.

  2. Great to see Craig at your site, Harmony! His humor always outweighs anything grim for me. I finished Good Liniment, and it’s one of my favorites in the series. But then, I love stories with witches:) Detlef reminded me of the headless ghost in the Harry Potter series. He has way too much fun taking his head off and on.

    • That’s fantastic! I so look forward to this. Thanks, Judy 💕🙂

    • I have plans for Detlef. He’s a horse lover. The Derby includes horses. It’s about two stories out right now. Glad you enjoyed Good Liniment, Judy.

  3. Great seeing Craig on your site, Harmony. Another congrats to you, Craig. I love that you make room for humor in your writing. Having the multiple elements definitely makes for a better read! Can’t wait to dive in!

    • I might be the weird one, but once you’re covered in blood a little humor helps move things along. Have fun with it.

  4. For my money Book 3 is the topper. Book one is also very good, Book 2… Book 4, like 2, had its stop n go moments. Looking forward to this one. The Hat books should ALL be read if for no other reason than the concept, and how the author expects us to suspend disbelief because he completely sidesteps any authorial ‘splainin’. The Hat is, next.

  5. Great post, Harmony & Craig, and I’m really looking forward to catching up with this series. (Loved The Hat!)

    Here’s to a kajillion sales, Craig, and thanks for sharing the good news, Harmony! 😀

  6. Craig, you hit upon so many of the things I enjoyed about Good Liniment. Lizzie’s faux pas with the coven had me laughing AND cringing, LOL. You know I’m a fan of Kevin, adore Noodles, and I love Night Bump Radio, especially with callers like “Tater.” 😀

    Another great entry in The Hat series–fun, and riddled with plenty of dark humor. Wishing you all the best with the release. Thanks for hosting today, Harmony!

    • Thank you, Mae. I keep trying to come up with new scenarios that could add a bit of fun. Fingers crossed that I can keep them coming.

    • Oh, now you have me REALLY wanting to read this! Thanks, Mae 💕🙂

  7. Thank you for hosting me today, Harmony. I’m rushing to get out the door this morning, but I’ll surf back through later today.

  8. I’ve read the first three books of this series and like you need to catch up. Thanks for hosting today, Harmony.

    Wishing you continued success, Craig.

  9. I love the humor in all The Hat stories and a lot of fun characters:)
    Thanks for hosting, Harmony.

  10. I can testify that Good Liniment works well as a standalone. Haha, “absurd characters” is right, but Boyack’s characters are what makes the story so entertaining! Nice guest post!

  11. Another awesome post about The Good Liniment! Having just read it, I can highly recommend it to any who loves fantasy, dark humor, and/or magic! Great story! Thanks, Harmony, for featuring Craig today!

  12. Another great post about the Good Liniment! Congratulations, Craig. Your book sounds incredible. Thank you, Harmony, for hosting today. 💗