Never Say Goodbye

Hello and welcome to my blog today. It gives me great pleasure to host C A Bell as part of her Bell Book and Erotica promotional tour.

Never Say Goodbye Final Cover

Sometimes white magic can turn dark. Even with the best intentions.


When Angelica placed a protective curse over her granddaughter, Nancy, in a bid to keep her safe from society and her own powers until she was old enough to understand, she had no idea of the consequences.


It’s October 31st, and a grown-up Nancy is holding her annual Halloween party. Only this year she strays away from her traditional festivities that include her famous Halloween punch, and dancing to the Monster Mash, and opts for a spookier night. She will be holding a séance with the help of her friends and her new Ouija board. Little does she know that the protective curse her grandmother secretly cast over twenty-seven years ago is lifted tonight, and her true powers are finally presented to her.


A spirit is summoned. But only time will tell just who he really is.


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Release Day March 18th 2016



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